Luscious Flavours at the Damosa Food Fest

Disclaimer: This is the full feature on Edge Davao.

It felt like I was in a country fair. It was that good that you’d feel you are in a place other than the place you are in. Spending time under the Davao night sky with friends at the Damosa Food Fest transports you in a realm that is both delicious and deliciously alive. In other words, a best cure for a hungry tummy is the Damosa Food Fest.

3 nights of aromatic grills and sweet treats, the Damosa Food Fest is actually a repeat. Yes! The clamour was too loud to neglect. This time, they made it more of a fair than just a strip of foodie food finds and merchandise. The best thing? You get to enjoy the many delicious Davao food finds with your family and friends away from the hustle and bustle of the city noise.

Chairs and tables were provided to make it even more like an affair than just a stroll in the park with food/s on hand. More so, a live band made it even more lively with their rendition of today’s hits sung to the crowd’s delight. Music and food always, always go together. Kudos to the organizers!

Participating restaurants included Yolks!, Classio Pizza, Gypsy cafe,Tita Rosita’s, D’Lish, Chucks Nachos, Tuna Corner, Steak ni Juan, Emo’s Kitchen, Master Sisig, Egg Waffle Davao, Teamoji, VietCafe, Snok and Zian’s Coffee to name a few.

The food festival was truly a perfect venue for the hungry tummy to convene. Did you try the many flavour combinations available? Did you allow your palates to explore and be your guide? Hope you did. Because we did!

Foodie food finds during the event: Tita Rosita’s Blue Lemonade, classic margarita pizza from Classio, D’Lish’s colorful waffle, Yolks! succulent and perfectly coated chicken wings, the juicy steak from Steak ni Juan and nachos! Oh and don’t dare forget TeamMoji’s delish milktea with their cute emoji stickers.

Damosa Food Fest
June 1-3, 2017
Damosa Complex Parking Area, Lanang, Davao City


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