CACS DAVAO: Your Passport to Amazing Culinary Journey

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Indeed, it is not easy to just follow your passion. It really does take more than just passion. When the opportunity presents itself, go ahead and take the plunge BUT remember, passion without timing, dedication and perseverance is nothing.

Timing. A word that means so much for someone who aims a place in the culinary realm. It could mean the hands of time as you wait for your dough to rise, your soup to boil or chocolates to melt. It could also mean doing what you want — on your own terms. Yes, it was timing that urged me to swap my law school books for an apron and chef’s jacket to follow my passion inside the kitchen.

The Center for Asian Culinary Studies Davao (CACS Davao) has been instrumental, not only to me, but to a number of foodie turned kitchen enthusiasts in Davao and the rest of the Philippines. With Chef extraordinaire, Gene Gonzales, at the helm of it all, it was an outright ‘all in’ from day 1 until present. With schools in Manila, Cebu and Pampanga, CACS has produced some of the best Chefs and restaurateurs in the country and abroad. Truly, #LakingCACS.

For the students of CACS Davao Diploma in Professional Culinary & Pastry Arts Program (2nd Batch), it was timing that got them to don their apron and chef’s jacket and begin their culinary journey. Recently, the chef’s in training were put to a playful yet extensive test that involved more than just skills but one’s ability to work under great pressure and a table full of panelists to assess their every dish.

The chef’s in training were grouped and given the free hand to choose the dishes for their repertoire meal. From aromatic breads and rolls to soups of various flavour combinations, plates of exquisitely prepared main courses, melt in your mouth sorbet and colourful sweet dessert and pralines were served to highlight their skills, knowledge and adventure side inside the kitchen. Truly, every night was something to look forward to. As every night, you’d be intrigued of the dishes served.

Themes for each night varied. So did the guests who acted as panelists for the degustation meal. At the helm of it all was CACS Founder and President, Chef Gene Gonzales, who was joined by his equally talented son, Chef Gino Gonzales. Joining them were Davao restaurateurs, foodies, well-known Chefs, friends from the local media and former CACS students.

18 April 2017 – Fiesta: Sabores de Espana (Flavours of Spain)
19 April 2017 – Italia
20 April 2017 – Flavours for the Gods
21 April 2017 – Italian

At CACS, not only do you learn how to cook; CACS enhances your senses thus enabling you to go beyond the usual salt and pepper and embrace thyme, saffron, nutmeg and everything else in between. For the students, congratulations and we’ll see each other at the dining tables … soonest! Truly, fulfilling one’s passion is not an easy walk in the park. For whatever makes you happy, do it. I did. #LakingCACS

Photos taken with Fujifilm X-A3.
CACS Davao, thank you for always having me. Cheers!

Center for Asian Culinary Studies – Davao
Don Dionisio Complex, Cabaguio, Agdao, Davao City
For inquiries: 082 282 8373 or 0933 353 1117

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Happy munching!


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