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Majestic Dining at the Lubi Plantation

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

For the longest time, we have been accustomed to reasonably-priced meals in reasonably-called gastronomic places. Most often, the parallelism does not make sense – either it’s expensively priced for a mediocre tasting dish or we expected too much due to social media hype. So, what must a hungry foodie do? Travel overseas and look for a new palate adventure. Literally.

Tucked in the beautiful island of Mabini in Compostela Valley, Lubi Plantation is a crossover between rustic comfort and influential bourgeois architecture. This picturesque island getaway is a project of Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation.

Surrounded by sand, lighted by the sun and accompanied by the sea all around, Lubi Plantation is a world class destination that warrants your utmost attention. Here, it’s not just about the destination; it’s about being one with the destination. Here is where your next sweet adventure shall be.

For a fee, you get to explore the whole of the island resort paradise. Inclusive is a delicious lunch served with the sea as your backdrop. Not to mention, the many hours you can spend frolicking under the sun.

Aside from the sun, sand and water, Lubi Plantation is also a definite foodie palate destination. Again, Lubi Plantation is a definite foodie palate destination. I swear, you would have no time to consider your diet as soon as you arrive on shore. From the refreshing welcome drink to the vast-open luxurious restaurant, getting lost somewhere in between is considered the new norm at the Lubi Plantation.

Fusion of regional flavours. Their menu is something you would want to experience. Not consider but experience. It is not every day that you get to taste flavour combinations and textures that will have your palate all in attentive mode. It too is not every day that you get to explore a million and one possibilities of how everyday dishes can be elevated and transformed into something new.

Chicken liver adobo pate on a piece of crunchy sliced baguette, anyone? Now, that’s not something you’d find in any other restaurant. The flavour combo deserves an ovation — a long, subdued standing ovation. Clean, textured and very savoury, the simple chicken liver adobo was transformed into a luxurious pate that will have you wanting for more.

Healthy crunch on your getaway? Then your best option is their plate of healthy and crunchy pomelo salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The acidity and sweetness of the fruits and vegetables pairs perfectly with the sauce. Strong flavours, yes, but not overpowering to the point of umay. It is not even umay at all. This is one refreshing plate of goodness that you must try.

Meaty lovers rejoice. The Tarictic Restaurant serves a mean plate of Beef Caldereta served with potato cakes. Their beef caldereta is a definite must try when visiting. This is one dish that you need to try. One dish that will have you love eating even more. The meat is tender, juicy and has more flavour than you can imagine. Though savoury, the meat tastes clean and has no aftertaste or whatsoever. One revelation: Beef caldereta pairs well with a slice of potato cake than with rice.

A visit at the Lubi Plantation won’t be complete without a coconut dish, right? If bodily warmth is what you are after then yay for their bowl of Chicken Binakol served in fresh coconut fruit. The dish is simple yet the marriage of flavours will have you guessing on the ingredients in a snap. Personally, I love the authenticity of this dish. Oh and you get to scrape the fresh coconut meat on the side.

Local flare, crunchy and sweet – this is their fried suman with coconut jam. The simplicity of this kakanin is what makes this so divine. The rice cake goes perfectly well with their signature coconut jam, which by the way is so delish, and sweet fruit.

Whether a local or a visitor, Lubi Plantation’s Tarictic Restaurant truly offers a most memorable dining experience unlike any other.

Utmost THANK YOU to JOEL BAGAS of FUJIFILM Philippines for the photos.

For inquiries, you may visit their office at the Dusit Thani Showroom (Lanang Business Park). You may also call them at (082) 296 2297.


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