Sai-gone Your Way to Viet Cafe

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Vietnam. Historical places and rice papers. Coffee and baguettes. Pho. Yes, that Vietnam.
Looking back, Vietnam did me good. I have become more of a foodie, I’ve appreciated the many benefits of fresh coriander and the importance of a slice of lime on a hot bowl of Pho. Not to mention, mornings spent outside, on a low chair and table, with a cup of hot or cold Viet coffee. The life.

Despite the distance, Davao already has a few dining places that highlights the many delicious reasons why Vietnamese cuisine is your next best comfort food find. Though still making its way onto the palates of Dabawenyo’s, it has slowly made an impact in the lives of those who are not afraid to taste something new. Have you?

Always looking for a new dining place, Viet Cafe has been a most visible gastro place on social media. From friends who rave about their Pho to acquaintances who love their splendid and inexpensive Banh Mi, you’d surely be thrilled to know that Viet Cafe is not a full-blown gastro place. Despite lacking tables and chairs and air-conditioned room, Viet Cafe’s quaint menu will make you forget about them all.

Speaking of which, their menu is very simple. With just the staples of Vietnamese cuisine, you would be treated to a whirlwind of fresh and refreshing flavours on anything you’d want to eat that day. My choice? Pho. Beef broth Pho and al dente rice noodles with slivers of soft beef strips topped with fresh sprouted beans, coriander leaves, white onion and kalamansi on the side. It’s so Vietnamese yet so Pinoy with the addition of Kalamansi (normally, Vietnamese Pho is served with a slice of lime). Not to mention the hoisin sauce served on the side.

Normally, I’d settle for an all-vegetable Vietnamese spring roll and Mango cashew salad. Since both were not available, I opted for Vietnamese Pizza (with ground beef, of course) and a cuppa of their Mint Milk tea. I know, I know. I should’ve ordered coffee or their cup of Egg Coffee but no-no.

Their milk tea is made of pure and refreshing all-natural premium tea bags imported from Vietnam and milk. The Mint Milk tea was the combination of Black Tea and the sweet flavour of mint. This cuppa is refreshingly good. Was I craving for coffee all the while? YES! Was my thirst for delish Vietnamese drink quenched with their Mint Milk tea? YES. Would I order it again? Of course. You should too.

The pizza was uniquely good. Expecting thin or thick dough crust? Theirs is made with grilled rice paper as the crust, quail eggs, fried shallots, and scallion oil, with ground beef, aromatic dried shrimp and a hefty amount of grated cheese on top. Yummy! If you are expecting to share, lay down the rules. You’d thank me later.

Other Milk tea variants are the Strawberry (Black Tea + Sweetness of Strawberry), Peach (Black Tea + Aromatic Flavours of Peaches), Apple (Black Tea + Sweet-tart Juicy Apple) and Matcha (Strong vegetal taste with natural sweetness loaded with high anti-oxidants).

On the menu also is the famous Viet Iced Coffee of aromatic Authentic Arabica and Robusta Vietnamese coffee with milk.

Banh Mi (Freshly baked Vietnamese baguette, stuffed with aromatic and flavourful filling, savoury condiments, crunchy pickles, rich pate and fresh herbs) is also on the menu. Choose from the Classic Banh Mi Supreme or their Lemon Grass Chicken.

Cảm ơn bạn, Viet Cafe. Hẹn gặp lại.
Viet Café is located at 41-9 Cervantes Generoso Street, Bo. Obrero, Davao City
Operaating Hours: 2:00pm to 10:00pm
For inquiries, you may call them at 0939 609 1272
Fb: @vietcafeph

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Happy munching, Royalistas!



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