Zamboanga Getaway: The Vine Molave

In our group, I am known to spend a day sleeping inside a hotel wherever we may be. Well, maybe not really a full day, but hours more than them. Mind you, I spent 1 whole day sleeping last time we went to Bacolod.

Why you might ask? Simple. Sleep is not always on my side. In Davao, I getting more than 6 hours of sleep, even on a weekend, is a luxury I consider. Hence, whenever I am out of Davao, I try to give myself the luxury of sleeping – even when I need to be somewhere else.

A recent trip to Zamboanga del Sur gave me the luxury of exploring the place and of course, snuck in some zzz’s. When you are in The Vine Molave, it’s too difficult to forego the opportunity.

Vintage. Quiet. Ancestral. Perfect. The Vine Molave, located in the quiet town of Molave in Zamboanga del Sur, is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit when in town. (30-minute drive to Pagadian, 45 minutes away from Ozamis City in Misamis Occidental, or a mere 2 hours away from Dipolog.) One can also explore the neighbouring municipalities with yet unknown potential destinations still under the radar of Mindanao’s tourism boom.
From the outside, you’d see the many vines creeping that adds distinction to the already majestic place.

Vine Molave first opened its doors as a gastronomic dining place – a cafe, resto and bar, and as a bed & breakfast. In one location. One would surely love that you can have your all day cravings satisfied in one location. Nowadays, The Vine Molave is the best place to relax, indulge and say goodbye to stress without having to step outside.

Vine Café opened in May 2016. For a foodie, I was in heaven – their menu showcased tons of family owned recipes that were all tested and proven by time. I have always been a fan of passed on recipes. Though I also love experimenting with ingredients, I always have been a firm believer of opening your doors to the public and knowing their reaction first hand. In all fairness, every meal served were delicious. (I just had to make sure that they understood my restriction on pork).

Want some global fusion dishes to help you enjoy your vacation? The Vine Resto and Bar is your best place to be. Located at the back of Vine Café, this full service restaurant also has some heirloom recipes that highlights the flavours of Japan and Filipino recipes.


Go ahead and indulge on their plates of pasta, meat and sandwiches on any given day. Don’t be afraid to mix and match on flavour combos for that added zing!

Why the name?
For Gary Dujali, second generation Geraldizo and youngest son of Eulalia Dujali (matriarch of the family who inherited said ancestral home),“We thought of a name that best describes the overall mood of Molave, its fertile grounds ripe for progress. We want something organic to a valley, not too modern for a town setting. Something that would represent a strong spirit to thrive, grow and stand out”.

With amenities that will make you smile from ear to ear, you’d love that you’d feel right at home. With a majestic view to keep you pacified, their friendly staff adds a more personal touch to the already comfortable place. No wonder many have raved about the place – already becoming a favourite amongst families who simply wants to immortalize a celebration.

Vine Molave is not as big as the others. With just 11 individually prepared rooms that speaks of character, it is located at the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. Truly, your stay will release you from all the stress you’ve had before you stepped inside. With a full bed and breakfast amenities that includes access to a mini Jacuzzi pool (yes, you read that right – Jacuzzi pool!). The owners made sure that the place is that of something that you truly need and not just for the sake of bragging. Believe me, it was so relaxing.

Thank you, The Vine Molave for making me see the beauty in vacations and igniting the rustic soul in me. See you again.

The Vine Molave
Introductory rate starts at P1,888.00 with free breakfast for two.
Book a stay NOW!


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