Everyday is Belo Day!

Despite the rain, it is SUMMER! With a tropical climate as ours, it’s but difficult to predict the weather and plan for an afternoon basking the sun when, out of nowhere, rain starts to trickle at your sun-kissed face. The joy of living in the Philippines…and ASIA in general.

An unavoidable weather need not be an excuse to slack off with our daily skin routine. Yup, I also have a regimen that I follow to keep my skin from drying and aging quickly. Why? Why not!

With my love for Watsons (Yes, I am a hoarder!) and browsing the internet for skin care regimen and products, I always make it a point to incorporate my undying love for BELO products in every way possible. From my daily office regimen to my nightly rituals, BELO products abound my dresser every single day…and night.

Now that the sun is peeking and inviting us to bask and frolic under his mighty rays, let us not forget to take things further and use the many beautiful products of BELO. Shameful plugging, yes, because BELO Products WORK. And they work well for Asian and sensitive skin.

For someone who is way too afraid of the sun but is too lazy to bring an umbrella, the Belo Intensive Whitening Body Cream – Kojic + Tranexamic Acid is my YOU GOTTA BE BOLD mantra. It’s light and unscented. Not as potent as others, I love that its light on the skin thus preventing you to sweat more and the best part is, it’s perfect for sensitive skin. It has been my go-to body cream for years. Yes, years.

Sunblock is one product I cannot not apply before stepping out of the house. I need it in my system. Since having my breakouts, I’ve learned the importance of sunblock and sunscreen. Though I love the natural glow I have every time I am under the sun, I believe in prevention before anything.

Hence, I fell in love with Belo’s Sunblock and Tinted Sunscreen. Again, it’s light and unscented. The sunblock is not heavy on the skin thus enabling the skin to breathe be fresh all day. On the other hand, their tinted sunscreen is my daily holy grail. It’s tinted and it’s a sunscreen – saving me from applying too much on my skin. Not only am I protected, I also look fresh and radiant. Now that’s one big WISE move.

Another thing, both Belo’s Sunblock and Tinted sunscreen can easily fit inside your bag or pouch. No more excuses from hiding from the sun.

Again, I am not one to bring an umbrella hence I need products that can last me a long time until I settle inside and re-apply anything on my body or face. Like my skin and face, I also need to protect my hair. My unruly curly Merida hair needs the ultimate protection. Yours too. That’s why when I heard of Belo’s Sunexpert Hair and Scalp Mist, boy, was I a happy camper. Since I got hold of the mist, I have not stopped using it. It’s super light (no migraines!!) and has that subtle yet invigorating smell. The fact that it’s a spray makes it even more perfect – bringing it anywhere is a no-fuss thing.

But that’s not all the reasons why my summer is complete with Belo Products. Made for babies, who said you cannot have them inside your pouch? Belo Baby Hand sanitizer and Cologne are just so refreshingly sweet. The packaging alone is reason enough to stock on them; how much more when you use them on your skin.

The Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer is the newest addition to my pouch. I love that it’s scented and again, like their many products, light to the skin. I love the scent that lasts longer than the other hand sanitizers I’ve used. I’m just hoping they release an anti-stress hand sanitizer (like that of Bath and Body Works) for us.

The Belo Baby Cologne was intended for my almost-2 niece. However, upon smelling it, I thought of getting them also for myself. The smell is so adorable. Not too potent and not too overly sweet, it’s just the perfect balance of fragrance that will have you smelling fresh all day. What’s more, it comes in 3 different scents – one for every occasion. Not to mention, they come in small bottles that, again, fits well inside any of your pouch.


After that Make Your Summer event at Watsons, I have seen something new from Belo. Their Transparent Mist and After Sun Gel will surely make a perfect travel buddy. Oh the joy of having these wonderful yet affordable Belo Products available at Watsons.

Aside from their Transparent Mist and After Sun Gel, I am so looking forward to trying out their Belo Illuminating Body Spray and Illuminating Cream. But for now, ta-ta as I spend some time under the sun. Happy summer!


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