Everyday Sundays at Sundays

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

For one, Sunday is all about having no definite plans, being at home and spending delicious time with the family. That’s the general notion of a Sunday. True, right? Well, in Davao, Sundays mean the same — although in Davao, it involves dining at the newest gastro place in the city. Dining at Sundays Modern Home Cooking. Or Sundays for short.

Sundays Modern Home Cooking is Davao’s answer to an any time, any day dining that’s nothing like any other. It’s conveniently located at Davao’s Go Hotel and somewhere away from the busy noise of the city. Stepping inside is like going home to a weekend with your family and friends. Designed with zen-like blotches of greens, oranges and wood brown, Sundays is a definite gastro dining place that will surely have you saying goodbye to your calorie counting ways in an instant.

Their menu is simple — rich in flavours, taste and tradition. Yen Uy-Bosquit, foodie owner, explained that the very heart of the menu are dishes that their family loves to eat and of course, loves to cook. Also included are some recipes from friends, who gamely shared their dishes for all to enjoy.

Accordingly, Ms. Yen added that the dishes they have on the menu, though time tested, contains some that are experimental. Experimental or not, you’d surely love every dish on their menu. Believe me, you surely will.

With an extensive menu, their best seller is one that will have you reminiscing about your childhood in an instant. Though personally I cannot relate, Sundays #1 dish is their Grandma’s Pork Humba in Hotpot. Traditional, sweet and very tender (as described by Indulge’s Urbanissimo himself, Kenneth), Sundays Pork Humba is a definite must try.

Aside from the Pork Humba, go ahead and indulge with their Pochero Steak with Cauliflower Truffle Mash (roasted bulalo with cream sauce). Succulently tender, every forkful is bursting with flavour. Paired with their cauliflower mash, Gordon Ramsay would be blushing with pride. On a meat diet? Then you better include their Oxtail Stew (simmered oxtail in rich tomato sauce & spices) on your repertoire of dishes and their Bacon Liempo (thin slices of pork belly fried to a crisp). You’d thank me later.

One of my personal favourite is their plate of Seafood Curry (fresh seafood slices in aromatic curry sauce served with grilled tortilla) that’s curry-licious in every bite. I personally love that they serve it with grilled tortilla – perfect excuse to eat with your bare hands.

Sundays is not just about meat and mains. Their menu also includes an extensive selection of salads that will surely wake the hungry juan in you. Indulge in their Sundays Salad (layers of crispy spring roll wraps, greens, grilled chicken, grapes, orange, avocado, balsamic vinegar-rosemary vinaigrette) or Pomelo Salad (pomelo slices, green mango, jicana, sweet chili-honey dressing).

Want something on-the-go while sitting down? Then better try their Mushroom Alfredo sandwich (assorted mushroom, romaine lettuce béchamel cheese sauce on open ciabatta bread) or munch on their delectable version of Pulled Pork Humba Sliders (specialty humba, coleslaw, garlic aioli on dinner roll buns).

On a pasta roll? Then go ahead and have a plate of their Special Palabok (homemade palabok sauce, ground pork, chicharon and egg) or my new fave, Penne Nero (penne pasta, squid ink sauce, squid pieces). If that’s not enough then how about the flavours of Bolognese pasta on a pizza? Try their Bolognese Pizza (Bolognese sauce topped pizza with lots of cheddar and mozzarella cheese) on any given day.

Sinfully healthy? Sundays Malunggay Dip (Malunggay, cheese, crostini and tortilla chips) is the answer. Is the only answer. This is a definite must try.

At Sundays, you need to have room for dessert. Yes, dessert. After all the meat, pasta, pizza and salad, you need some sweetness on your palate. Right? Right. On the list is their Cassava Cake, Maja Blanca, cups of Mango Custard, freshly cooked Suman Langka rolls with Tablea Dip and the star of their dessert selection, their Bibingka Pudding – rich, creamy yet not nakakaumay.

Next time you want to explore the many delicious flavours of your childhood and today, head on to Sundays and momentarily say goodbye to your calorie counting ways. Because at Sundays, its everyday Sundays.

Sundays is located at the Ground Floor, Go Hotel Davao, Lanang, Davao City
Operating Hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm
Facebook: @sundaysmodernhomecooking
Ig: @sundaysmhc

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Happy munching, #royalistas!


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