Toast to Delicious Davao

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

As we celebrate Araw ng Dabaw, it is but proper to mention the many different flavour combinations we’ve tasted all throughout the years. Bitter, sweet, sour, spicy – complex yet very intense flavours that we all love to crave and yearn for. From simple home cooked recipes to fusion dishes, Davao, like that of the world, has it all.

Foodies in our own rights, I too have my appetite for new food finds – inside the mall. Yup, I’m a mallrat and I love to have everything under one roof. And with my every mall visit, a food tour is always on the agenda.

Here’s some of the most recent mall food finds in time for Araw ng Dabaw. All of which are sourced locally, made locally and produced locally. Be proud and stand tall. Davao is more than just the many sights and sounds. Davao City is a city of flavours. #DabawenyoAko

Elevated Street Food Finds

As a nation, we love to eat. And street food is one that sets us apart from the rest. From grilled chicken feet to crispy fried proben and chargrilled chicken intestines, our streets are filled with these. Taking the cravings a notch higher, one food kiosk serves these childhood faves inside the confides of malls.

Marylou Gerondio and husband’s aim is to bring the street anywhere your cravings might be. And they did. Rotating from one mall to another, they have introduced the public to some delectable and elevated street food faves and some other new creations. Personally, I love their Pancake with Oreo filling drizzled with fresh fruit syrup and Malunggay and Carrots Pancake with Oreo and Cheese – yup, I love anything that is pancake hence the bias admiration.

The next time you are out spending some dough, look out for their kiosk and indulge. Proudly Dabawenyo at its best.

Crunchy Healthy Crisps

From salted and hot & spicy vegetable chips to crunchy beef chicharon, Ms. Aster’s RESTA foods is packed with crunchy crisps that are beyond the crunch. Sharing a kiosk with a milk company from Bukidnon at one of the malls in the city, her products are all on-the-go and perfect for some healthy munching. Her roster also includes packs of healthy coco sugar that has been a fave of locals and foreigners alike.

Also available are her packs of banana chips that are oh so delish. Choose from her original, flavoured with coco sugar and flavoured with honey variants. If you cannot make a choice, better have one of each as they are very affordable. (Banana Chips, Beef Chicharon and Vegetable Chips are all sold at P35 each or 3 for P100).

Burger for All Seasons

No doubt that I am such a big fan of their creations. Being a fellow CACS alumna, Llerma and Julius are not afraid to experiment and have their creations tasted by many. On their latest venture, their chunky grilled to perfection burgers are worth every calorie! Yup, believe me, this is oh so true. The tender meaty patty is all beef hence the packed flavour. The chargrilled flavour is prevalent yet not nakaka-umay. What’s more, it’s one big beauty every single time.

Located at Felcris Centrale, you can have your freshly cooked burger anytime. And when you do, don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to Llerma and Julius.

Bread on the Go

With Dabawenyo’s relaxed yet on-the-go vibe, we are always on the hunt for something delish, healthy and of course, affordable. While working on our LOKALista (shameless plugging!) concept store, I stumbled some rolls of packed sandwiches that are locally sourced and made. Bread Box may not be as big as the other bread players in the market but what they have is surely something to be proud of. Their choices include Milky Vanilla, Chocolate and my personal fave, Peanut Butter.
Here’s a tip: Have them reheated before eating.

Ube, Me & You

I love Baguio’s Ube Jam. Period. But since we are miles away from the summer capital of the country, it’s best to find something close to perfection. Stumbling upon this while on the hunt for some crafty things at the mall, this tub of Special Ube Jam is handmade by the same makers of Milky (Fresh Carabao milk from Bukidnon). I love that it is creamy yet not too sweet. I love that it is coarse but is also smooth at the same time. Most of all, I love that it is sourced and made locally.

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Happy munching, #royalistas!


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