Savoury Asian Tour in Davao

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Food. Universally in demand; personally craved for. Most often, we associate food with experiences, food with travels and yes, food with emotions. Being that every day is a happy heart’s day, it is then right and proper that we celebrate every day with food.

Davao, like the rest of the country, is blessed with foodie destinations that offer the flavours of the world minus the expensive travel tax. From savoury street food finds in Istanbul to steamy dumplings in China and bowls of jjampong in the streets of Korea, one’s craving palate could easily be satisfied in a snap.

Personally, I love the rustic taste of spicy Indian dishes. On some other days, I crave for a hot bowl of beef pho with fresh coriander leaves. Not to mention, a cup of brewed Indonesian coffee, poached eggs and kaya toasts from Toast Junction under the Fullerton Bridge in Singapore on an afternoon of deadlines and reports. Oh the joy of being a tourist in a foreign land.

Despite the distance, Davao offers a number of international foodie destinations that brings you closer to where your tummy wants to explore. 90% of which are home grown. Regardless of the many herbs and spices used to re-create a delicious memory, you’d find that the dishes are somehow tweaked to suit our local palates. Not complaining. Though, at times, I appreciate that instant whiff of pungent curry smell.

Matsuri Ichiban
Address: Cj Building, Eco West Drive, Bucana, Ecoland, Davao City
Tucked in between a local restaurant and a wall besides a dental clinic, you’d love that Matsuri Ichiban sways away from the hustle and bustle of street noise.

Matsuri Ichiban is one of Davao’s newest food destination. Located in the southern part of the city, Matsuri Ichiban is your best place if you want a taste of Japan even when you are in Davao. Authentic, yes, the place is comforting and private.

Food wise, their menu is packed with hot and cold Japanese dishes. From soups to makis to yaki tori’s, you’d love that you can order a dish and share it. This is one place if you want to celebrate happy heart’s day every day.

Give their Miso Ramen a try and you’d truly love every ingredient used. I ordered the Beef Miso Ramen hence the bold, rich taste of beef is very prevalent with each spoonful of broth. The meat is tender and the noodle is so fresh. We were told to eat the noodle first as it won’t taste as good as when it is cold.


Aside from the Beef Miso Ramen, we also feasted on bowls of Beef Gyudon, Shoyu Ramen, mixed Chicken Yaki Tori and slices of comforting Tamago Maki.


D’ Little Dynasty
Address: Door 19 & 20, Plaza del Carmen, Loyola Street, Bo. Obrero, Davao City
Want to reignite your love for Asian dishes? Then D’ Little Dynasty is your best place to be. Always been in my top foodie destination in the city, this quaint restaurant has some of the best tasting Asian dishes your palates will taste.

On top of my list, LAKSA. Yes, I love a hot bowl of spicy laksa with tofu, egg and everything else in between. Bias, yes, as I always compare the taste to the ones I’ve had in Singapore. However, of the many bowls of Laksa I’ve had in the city, theirs is my favourite. It’s creamy, filling and downright delicious.


Their plate of Char Kway Teow Flat Noodles (no pork, of course) is also something you’d want to post on social media. Staple in Malaysia and Singapore, theirs is also packed with flavours that takes you on the streets of Newton on a fine cold night in Singapore. One new fave is their beef dish (unfortunately I forgot the name) that’s super tender and savoury. Perfect pair to a bowl of Laksa and noodles.



Oh and when your cravings take you to the steps of D’ Little Dynasty, don’t forget to order a glass of Mango Sago. You’d thank me later.

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Happy munching, #royalistas!


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