My Week in Chocolates

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

When life gives you lemons, crave for chocolates. Why not, right? It’s not non-sequitur; it’s plain palate logic. The moment your palate absorbs a particular taste, you either smile with glee or crave for something else. If lemons are not your cup of tea, then go ahead, find something to replace the frown in your face. In my case, chocolates.

Admittedly, I am not a big chocolate fan. Not a hypocrite, I do eat them once in a while, but not one to finish a bar on my own – in one sitting. And for me, chocolates are either bitter or bittersweet. Never milk or white. Nothing in between. BUT, one can always have a change of heart, right?


Sticking to something entails commitment. Like how I am with my bitter and bittersweets. However, when the situation calls for a variety, I take it as a sign to give in and embrace another flavour to coat my palate. Like a new addition to my list of favourites, Milka.

Not bitter or even bittersweet, it’s creamy, smooth and milky in every bite. I love the rich flavour and the decadent taste of chocolate as it melts in the tongue. One thing though, especially for someone who doesn’t bite on the pieces, after 2 or 3 slices, your tongue feels granulated and dry. Solution? Water therapy.


On days when I’m torn between being maldita and nice, I always end up with a zip lock full of Reese Peanut Butter Cups in my bag, fridge or office table. As popular as they are abroad, these chocolate cup confections combine milk and dark chocolate and of course, peanut butter. I love my peanut butter; I also love my dark chocolates. Why should I choose when I can have them both? Exactly my point.


If, at times, I feel like a Band-Aid, I crave for some decadent truffles to soothe the stress away. Of the many, my palate craves for slices of Duc d’O truffles — light chocolate mousse rolled over piles of chocolate flakes and wrapped in Belgian chocolate. The texture is what uplifts my soul. But the taste? The taste is what sets this pack of decadent goodness from the rest. It’s not something you’d regularly come across with; it’s something you’d most likely neglect at the first instance.

My crafty side ignited after I saw my friends excited with their planner purchases. Because I did not want a generic planner, I opted to buy a plain notebook and converted it into my DIY planner-slash-notebook of 2017. Like Twix, it is too plain looking on the outside but as you take a bite, you’d love the biscuit and caramel centre that explodes inside your mouth.


On days when I feel like I’m all over the place, I crave for some crunch and rich, bold chocolate on my palate. Just like Freia’s famous chocolate bar, Kvikk Lunsj, this chocolate coated wafer biscuits are just so delicious. More like kitkat but not, they have the same composition but with a richer and smoother chocolate. This is perfect for when you are always on your feet – trying to finish everything in 8 hours.


Weekends are the holiest of them all. It’s a time to rest, relax and enjoy freedom from work and other commitments. Just like Patchi and Royce’, two different brands and two different approaches to chocolates. Despite the difference, both of which are decadent and luxurious to the taste. It’s highly addicting, yes, but can also become tiresome to the palate.

Oh and I always, always end up munching with a piece of chocolate to cap the night off.
What’s your week in chocolates story?

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Happy munching, #royalistas!


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