Waida’s South Sea Pearls at the Aldevinco 

*Sponsored post. 

Mindanao is not only rich in awe-inspiring beautiful scenaries and edibles but more so, of nature’s abundant offerings. Point in case: South Sea Pearls. 

For someone who appreciates craftsmanship and sparkly in betweens, pearls have always been a symbol of classic — personally, that is. I adore how pearls affects your aura and in a snap, adds sophistication in your OOTD. For me, I always end up pairing my pearls with my sloppiest of outfits. Just because. 

In Davao, specially at the Aldevinco Shopping Centre, you’d find an assortment of South Sea Pearls. If pearls are your cup of tea, then Waida’s is your best place to be. 

What Waida’s offer is an array of jewelries that are not only beautiful but also budget-friendly. Even the students can afford owning a set of these babies without the need to ask for additions from their parents. What I personally like about their shop is that you can pieces that are not easily available in other stores. Also, they offer customised jewelries. Now, that’s something to look forward to.

So if you are in the mood for some pearl lovin’, drop by at Waida’s at the Aldevinco Hopping Center and you’d most definitely thank me later. 


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