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Same but Different Flavours

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Indeed, food makes the world go round. Even makes our tummy flip in degrees even the mind cannot fathom. Despite such, food is but a life necessity that can never be neglected. Do so and you’d surely suffer the consequences – that is, craving for more than you used to.

With the constant online updates on the latest food finds in the city, curiosity will surely have you planning for a food trip in a snap. True, yes, but personally, I prefer referrals. It’s always nice to hear others talk and make those animated gestures all at once.

So, when a friend said to try Flavourtown (which is just blocks away from our office), I was first to say yes. Of course. Flavourtown turned out to be Briana’s but of a different name. To make it short, Flavourtown is Briana’s new name. Thus, Flavourtown by Briana’s.

Flavourtown by Briana’s can be likened to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that will soon become a new favourite. The place is very chill and relaxing – with its wide open space and trees all around. Though situated in a subdivision (and right next to a school), Flavourtown is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a meal minus the city noise.

Their menu is one to look forward to. It’s packed with choices – from beef to chicken to pork and pasta dishes, you’d love that it has pictures to make selecting even harder. If all else fails, go ahead and ask their staff for help or you can always go on a delicious adventure and choose anything. Bear in mind also that they are not a fast-food restaurant, so you’d surely have to wait for your meals. But it’s worth it.

Their best-sellers include Baby Back Ribs, Bagnet Pinakbet, Pork Sisig, Bacon Carbonara and Crispy Chicken Wrap. They serve all day breakfast meals, snacks and a selection of drinks and shakes. They also have an array of dessert choices that will have you gushing with chocolate goodness all at once.

Here’s 3 of their best sellers that we were able to try and enjoy. Next time you want something new but with the same familiar taste, go ahead and visit Flavourtown by Briana’s.

Bagnet Pinakbet
I know. Well, I always have my friends to enlighten me on the taste. A friend, who referred this place, described their version as savoury and very Filipino. The vegetables are crunchy (but not raw) and verily complements with the other ingredients. The bagnet? I can say that the slices of bagnet delighted them. It was crunchy yet tender and juicy all at once. But the real star? The sauce.

Salted Egg Crispy Shrimps
Ooohlala the salted egg craze keeps popping. The sauce, though not as thick as I am used to, is filled with salted egg and garlic flavour – an undeniably delicious flavour combo. One thing about their sauce though, I’d be happier with just a kick of spice or chilly or bolder taste of additional salted egg. The shrimps were savoury and very crispy. Best part about eating this? You use your hands and dip the shrimps on the sauce. Yum!

Meatballs Spaghetti

Not your typical Pinoy style spaghetti, theirs is leaning more on the Italian taste. It’s simple with that hint of rustic spaghetti taste you’d not often encounter. Although the taste of herbs are very apparent, such were not too overpowering. Taste wise, it was good.

Flavourtown by Briana’s is located at Acacia Street, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City
For inquiries, you may call them at 0947 287 8766
Facebook: @Flavourtowndavao

Want to know my latest food finds? Follow me on Instagram @iamleebai and I’ll make you hungry in a snap. For missed features, you can read them on my blog
Happy munching, #royalistas!


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