Randomly Delectable Food Finds

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Resolutions come in twos: sweet or savoury. At times, a mixture of both. Though generally associated with food; life, itself, is but a beautiful medley of flavours and textures that gives meaning to our very existence.

As we step into the still blank pages of 2017, let’s not forget the many delectable food finds 2016 introduced to us. Some of which are commercialised and readily available in malls while others are online treasures scouted to curb an instant craving. Here’s a look at 2016’s end of the year delicious hoorah that might be your next favourite. Enjoy and Happy 2017, everyone!

Mary Grace Lemon Squares
This is simply divine. When a good friend brought back a box from her recent trip, I was reminded of how delicious these babies were. And still is.

Every bite crumbles with mere touch. Delicate, you’d want to gobble on them on the first instance. The taste? Bursting with lemon flavours that is not nakakaumay. These delicately delicious bad boys go well with a cup of fresh espresso or tea. The sweetness from the squares complements verily the kick of caffeine or aromatic herbs as you sip.

Wishful thinking for 2017? A Mary Grace Kiosk in Davao!

Suman at Malagkit from FCF Davao
FCF (Filipino Comfort Food) at the Damosa Compound has always been a favourite. With their extensive menu of classic Pinoy dishes prepared and cooked to make you remember your childhood in a snap, FCF also has quite a selection of desserts to make you smile in an instant.

Of which, you must try their minatamis na suman with caramel sauce and this one, suman at malagkit. Definitely not your typical suman, theirs is milled to create a smooth suman that reeks of bold and rustic flavours to the bite. The malagkit is sweet, yes, but goes well with the suman. Though contrasting in texture and flavours, both do not overpower the other but instead, complements the flavours as you take a bite. Reminder though, this dynamic pair goes well with a glass of water.

Renaissance Wild Honey
A tablespoon of wild honey first thing in the morning goes a long way. True, honey is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s therapeutic, medicinal and good for the skin. However, with today’s many variants of honey available, it is best to go for wild pure ones. Renaissance Wild Honey is pure and locally produced. It’s rich and creamy and not so sweet. This is a definite pantry staple.

Spinach Dip from Bigby’s
Gooey and cheesy in every bite. The blend of ingredients gives this dip its bold and rustic taste. The chunky spinach slices and pieces of crunchy red bell pepper adds texture to the rich, creamy goodness of the dip. Best eaten while it’s hot.

Yvonne’s Suka
We all have our condiment favourite. Others love the rich, dark taste of soy sauce while some opt to savour the more acidic flavour of vinegar. Yvonne’s Suka is made from fermented fresh local ingredients. This bottle of acidic goodness is spiced, yes, but can still be spiked according to your preference. Here’s a tip: add slices of pounded ginger, whole and sliced birds eye chillies and whole black peppercorns.

Fresh Lumpia from Kuya J
Bold, fresh and it is green. Yes, this palatably airy wrapped goodness is packed with veggies and textures. Made with malunggay, the crepe-like wrapper is bland but as you take a bite with the veggies, crushed nuts and sauce, that’s when the magic happens. Commercialised, yes, but the pairings of flavours is one to consider dearly.

JEF Flavoured Banana Chips
Banana Chips. Flavoured banana chips. Yes. Banana chips, on its own, are already a treat. With added flavour, savoury or sweet, it elevates the banana to a whole new level. Locally produced, JEF Flavoured Banana Chips comes in 2 packs (of different grams) and 4 flavours — try the cheese, hot barbecue, caramel and my personal favourite, sour cream.

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Happy munching, #royalistas!


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