Damosa Tour of Flavours: Western Gastro Places

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Life is about moments. Be it still, moving or captured, moments always make the heart grow fonder. But, what makes a moment “a moment to remember”?

Damosa is not just about their environmentally friendly real estate land developments. Damosa is also about the flavours of the world. With its selection of internationally inspired gastro dining places strategically located all over the compound, you’d find that every restaurant is reasonably priced thus perfect for family bindings and late night barkada munching.
With Damosa’s vast gastro dining selection, you’d always have a choice. Let us take you on a delicious food trip – one continent at a time. Tour the world at Damosa and let your palates explore the many flavours of the world.

In focus: Western inspired dining places at Damosa.

Pancake House (at Damosa Gateway)
Wake up to an array of aromatic selection at Pancake House and be on your way to an all-day of fun and laughter. With their all-day breakfast meals, you’d never have an excuse to slack off and not be in the mood. For starters, their menu is packed with western favourites prepared to satisfy your every craving. Best part of it? They are all within budget.

Sweet and savoury, hot and cold, Pancake House has everything you need to jumpstart your day, every day. In the mood for pancakes? You certainly are in the right place. Craving for some taco lovin’? If you haven’t tried their taco then you better try it now.

Yellow Cab Pizza (at Damosa Gateway)
Something triangular, packed and stringy? Then pizza is what you need. Conveniently located at Damosa Gateway, Yellow Cab Pizza, on this side of the city, is a favourite amongst students, yuppies and families who seeks to enjoy the flavours of western good food without, again, breaking the bank.

Yellow Cab is an inevitable happy gastro place. Not only do they serve an array of savoury and packed-to-a-tee pizza, they also have a selection of pasta and chicken dishes on the menu. At Yellow Cab, it’s a western experience from start to finish. At Yellow Cab, you need not splurge to enjoy a meal – all you need is the appetite and company to make it a moment to last forever – or until your next visit.

Spirale Ristorante (at Damosa Business Center)
Want to travel to Italy but is pressed with deadlines? Don’t fret – Spirale at Damosa is what you need. Have an abundant taste of herbs and spices in every plate with their signature dishes that’ll transport you to the majestic Italy with every taste. At Spirale Ristorante, it’s not just about the dishes – it too is about your budget.

Have a plate from their selection of Antipasti and you’ll enjoy munching them in an instant. Want some pasta and pizza on your dining table with family and friends? They have an array of selection perfect for everyone. In the mood for chicken? Give in to the temptation and order a plate of their Roasted Garlic Chicken and thank Damosa later.

Taco Loco (at Market Basket, Damosa)
With globalization and the advancement of technology, it’s but proper to crave for international dishes despite the distance. At Taco Loco, your every Mexican food craving is satisfied in an instant. What’s more, at Taco Loco, you’d never even think of being on a diet.

Enjoy a plateful of crunchy Nachos or a plate of pizza on any given day – or night. What they have are Mexican dishes cooked to make you love the dishes even more. Each dish is a representative of the many exquisite and exciting flavours that only Mexican dishes have. Not only do you satisfy an international craving but more so, enjoy each dish without going off your budget.

Burgers and Board Games (at Damosa Business Center)
Burgers will always have a special place in our tummy – it’s an easy fix to an instant hunger. At Burgers and Board Games, not only do you satisfy a growling tummy but more so, the gamer in you. Yes, they serve big and meaty packed burgers but that’s not all. Their burgers will have you roll the dice with glee, merit a spin on the board or a buy-in properties on Monopoly in an instant.

This burger concept store is very homey and thus an excellent dining place for people who’d want to enjoy good food and the company they’re with. Enjoy the burgers but don’t forget the vast selection of board games they have for you to enjoy every single time.

Space Burger (at Damosa Gateway)
Way before the city was flocked with burger joints and restaurants, Space Burger has already been grilling hamburgers to the delight of everyone. Swaying away from the notion of mainstream hamburger, Space Burger introduced flame grilled and stacked burgers of condiments and flavours that are all reasonably priced.

From strips of bacon, mushroom pieces to caramelised onions, Space Burger has it all.

Ice Giants (at Damosa Gateway)
Admittedly, Davao’s tropical weather can verily get the best out of you. Whatever time of the day or day of the week, you’ll always end up craving for something cold and sweet. Ice Giants. A two word establishment that has been providing sweet, delicious cold fixing’s for everyone.

From the crowd favourite halo-halo to sundaes and ice cream treats, everything here is cold, sweet and served big. Yes, at Ice Giants, it’s always an instant get together – an affordable get together, at that.

What’s your Damosa food story?


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