Hello Kitty World Davao

One way or another, we are collectors. We may not know it but we are. Admittedly, I am but a collector — not of specific things but of things that fascinate me at the moment. 

For Ms. Sue Ong, resident of Davao, her massive collection of anything Hello Kitty and starbucks related is a treasure she holds dear in her heart. 

Her Hello Kitty love affair began in 2013. From the minutest of collectible to the biggest, her love transcended even to her friends who would gift them to her. In return, she keeps them in their original packaging and makes sure that they are truly kept safe and clean. 

On the other hand, you’d be amazed with her Starbucks collection that features mugs from around the world, tumblers of sizes, colors and designs, barista bears and of course, Starbucks cards. Organized according to color, you’d surely be in awe as you take a tour around the world with her collection. 

For the meantime, her collection is only for PRIVATE VIEWING but will soon be open for PUBLIC VIEWING. 

Location: Mintal, Davao City 


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