Sweet and Savoury Nibbles for Halloween

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.


October may be coming to an end but before it does, my favourite holiday comes lurking around the corner. Yes, it’s Halloween. What’s not to love about Halloween?

Halloween, though not as popular as it is in other parts of the world, is more than just the monsters under your bed or floating figures – it’s a day to celebrate life in the past, now, future and beyond. Even to this day, Halloween remains to be one of my favourite holidays.

Personally, I love the spooky feel in the air. The many scary yet funny masks lined on shelves, cuddly monsters of colours and sizes and of course, the many delectably designed spooky treats on blatant display all around. To me, Halloween gives off a certain happy vibe that awakens the child in me. And a big yes to sugar rush!

Growing up, we would feast on bags of colourful candies and sweet treats from the store. Our parents would simply snuck into our bedrooms and allow us to stuff our faces until we stop. It wasn’t like the traditional trick or treat (as practiced in the world over). For us, it was a 24 hour excuse to eat sweets and not be reprimanded.

To this day, I still love Halloween. Not only because it’s a favourable excuse to stuff my face with anything sweet and savoury but more so, I can play with my food. Not in a distasteful way, that is. Play in terms of me recreating the many monsters in my head. Believe me, I sometimes end with a new monster.

So, how does my Halloween haul looks like every year? Here are my yearly sweet and savoury nibbles that you might find interesting. What’s yours?

On top of my list is a bag of fluffy marshmallows. Not only is it a sweet nibble treat but more so, allows for many creative creatures to come alive. From simply eight legged spiders to witch hats to fluffy Frankenstein with googly eyes made of chocolate chips, a piece of marshmallow goes a long way. A very long way, that is.

My easiest marshmallow Halloween go-to treat are the Mummified Mallows (or so I would like to call them that). Melted chocolate is used as glue for pieces of black or white mini chocolate chips as eyes for your fluffy monsters. I then mix red and green food colouring for the lips and I’m done. For that added flare, sometimes I drizzle (zigzag) on some melted white chocolate for that mummified effect. Let chocolate harden before eating them.

All year round, we are faced with a mountain-full of beautiful candies. Though I’m not a big fan of candies, I simply adore them because I can create many delightful treats with them. Use them as eyes on cupcakes or cakes or gems over tombstones on edible cemetery. Gummy candies are also staples for Halloween. Open up a pack of worm gummy candy and lay on top of cakes, cupcakes or even donuts and you are all set. Don’t forget, they are edible.

Devilled eggs, all the way! Not because it sounds “devilish” but because you can easily dress up a devilled egg and recreate that savoury monster in your head.

My favourite Devilled Egg recipe for Halloween involves a bunch of black olives, banana ketchup and chives. Sometimes, I add a hint of paprika for that rich rusty red effect. If you are that adventurous, you can add food colouring to your filling for that added twist.

I never ran out of boxes of biscuits at home. Aside from being my everyday office snack, I love dressing them up on every occasion I can think of. For Halloween, my staples include rectangular shaped biscuits for my edible cemetery and round digestive cookies for anything I can think of.

A few years back, I used pieces of digestive cookies as base for my monsters. On top of the biscuits I added a dollop of egg sandwich spread then I added peas for the eyes, ripe tomato for the mouth and julienned carrot for the nose. Easy, peasy.

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Happy munching, #royalistas!


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