Charity, Bottled Fave and You

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

At this day and age, fast food need not only mean fried-up-foods-in-a-snap. Nowadays, it could also refer to the many delicious bottled dishes that’s giving the whole fast food concept a new facelift. Be it sweet or savory, hot or cold, there will always be one for you.

Admittedly, I love salsa – not the dance but the dip. A good bottled salsa, for me, needs a balance of everything. Typically referred to as a sauce, this international favourite of Mexican reference is often made with lots and lots of tomatoes, onions, chillies, sometimes with beans and corns and of course, spices to elevate every ingredient’s on the repertoire.

Salsa is not just a dip. It can also be a base for a pasta sauce, topping over crackers and toasts or an invigorating casserole dish ingredient for that added texture. Try serving it as a side to meats, fish or chicken, you’d surely thank me later. If not on the adventurous side, then you can always whip yourself a hefty serving of nachos and dig in.

In Davao, where everything is better fresh, bottled up dishes are a staple. Contradicting, right? Well, bottled dishes using fresh local ingredients are the best way to put it. Majority of which are SMEs, they make use of the abundance of the city and share the same to those who loves food and loves to eat — everyone, that is.

La Parranda Salsa (The Big Party) is a new Davao favourite. Sold since the early 2000s, it has seen favourable popularity growth amongst locals and foreigners in the city. A labour of love begun by Evelyn MacIntosh, her vision is to distribute these delicious jarred faves all throughout the country.


Working with her husband, Tom MacIntosh, majority of the profit for each bottle sold goes to the charitable works of PGC Foundation, which serves rural poor areas in Mindanao ( They aid in the lives of children and families.

Their jarred tomato based salsa has no artificial colours or flavours and has zero preservatives. Shelf life is 2 years and is available in Medium and Hot variants.


Giving us a sneak peek into their salsa-licious life, the couple graciously invited us into a Mexican themed lunch with overflowing salsa, homemade Greek yoghurt and Jalapeno Green Hot Sauce – both of which are Evelyn’s masterpieces. They prepared a couple of appetising dishes with their salsa yoghurt (the mango and Greek yoghurt parfait was sumptuously addicting) and green sauce. Also, taught us to create our own taco and wrap it like a pro.




True, the salsa is one of the most versatile ingredients there is. All you need is your imagination and you’ll be amazed on the many dishes you’d create. Go ahead, give it a try and remember, with every La Parranda Salsa you buy, you are not only satisfying a craving, but more so, helping others live the life that they have always wanted. Now, that’s really something. Indeed, a little goes a long way.


La Parranda Salsa is available online and at selected food shops.
• Park and Shop at the Victoria Plaza Mall
• Kawaii Café at Ponciano Street, Davao City
• Peppers IbericaResto at Mabini Street, Davao City

Follow them on Facebook:
For orders and inquiries, you may call Ms.Evelyn at 0919 401 3493 or 0925 726 6485

Happiest Birthday to my every beautiful Mama, Bai Rowena FS Ambolodto. ILoveyou mucho. And to my in-law, Al-Rashid Zainal – still waiting for your libre haha!

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