Choosing the Right Light for Your Restaurant

Disclaimer: As published on Edge Davao.

Admit it, dining out is not just about the food. It too is about the atmosphere and the ambiance all together.

Imagine yourself inside a restaurant – interior is beautiful, service is excellent and the food is off the charts. But the lights are just so bright. They permanently destroy your double-tap worthy images in an instant.

The feeling of discomfort brought about by the bright lights can verily affect how you holistically perceive an establishment. Inappropriate lighting, especially for restaurants, can make or break them. Not that it affects the flavours or the taste of the dish but aesthetically, the change in colour, is a big factor in capturing your market.

“Choosing the right light for your restaurant is a necessity. Indeed, the Right Light is Everything.”, Pip Balingit, Head of Sales – VisMin Channel, Philips Electronics & Lighting, Inc, explained. He added, “All Philips light have the light quality you would expect from us. With it, the advantages of its innovative technology like long lasting, energy efficient, long life span, great design, home connectivity and personal interactivity can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.”

Lighting is primarily for the person. Contrary to what we know, it is not solely to just fit any restaurant’s architecture or design. In truth, the colour of lights greatly influences and measures feelings and moods. It sets up the right atmosphere that enhances one’s current state of mind.

True, good food is the end all and be all of any restaurant. But, having the right atmosphere helps as well. Like Davao’s favourite pizza joint, Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria Cafe, recently partnered with Philips Electronics & Lighting, Inc. in making that switch.

With their new interiors, it is but proper for them to have the right light in making their dishes even more appetizing and of course, customers more satisfied. The result? An even more inviting Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria Cafe that you’d surely love even more.

The partnership aims to educate everyone of the need to choose the right light for your establishments. Not just to aesthetically highlight the fixtures but more so, give an instant full round light to enhance the atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Open to restaurants in the city, Philips seeks to help you make that change. Philips will provide the essential lighting that you need and in the process, help you and your restaurant establish a more soothing dining atmosphere, enhance food appearance, boost kitchen performance (yes!) and of course, increase sales to name a few. The other best thing? You need not spend anything. No cost from your end.

Indeed, lighting a restaurant is a challenge. However, finding the perfect light fixtures you need is now made easy with Philips.

Truly, the Right Light is Everything.

Restaurateurs, this is for you. Go on, Make that switch.
Send your emails to pip.balingit@philips.com before the end of November 2016 and convey your interest to partner with Philips in terms of lighting your restaurant.


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