Rustically Familiar Dishes

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.


If you think dining out just means food, then you are mistaken. Yes, it involves food but food is not the end all and be all of any dining experience. It’s the adventure. The people you are with. The many laughter and jokes you share while dining. Be it at a frequented restaurant or cafe or something new, it’s always a mixture of everything that makes for a great dining experience.

Rustic Kitchen is one restaurant/cafe that I love. The ambiance is very relaxing and comforting. Something that reeks with familiarity every time you visit. And the food? It always hits the spot. Now, with its new location at the heart of downtown Davao, there’s no more reason not to drop by.

Menu wise, I don’t have a particular favourite – just staples. Yes, staples. I love that the dishes on their menu are very familiar to the palate yet creates something new to the taste. This is one of the many reasons why love Rustic Kitchen. Every bite is comforting… comforting that exceeds beyond your comfort zone.

Here’s a list of my staple faves. What’s yours?

trcrkSteak Nachos. Their version of this snack staple is one to look forward to. The crunchy nachos, rich cheese, medley of salsa and jalapeno plus the smoky sweetness of steak is nothing but perfection. Aside from the big, bold flavours, their serving is also generous. Love the crunch on every bite.

Spicy Chicken Burger & Rustic Kitchen Burger. Burger lovers rejoice. Their burgers are big, perfect for sharing and very moist. It’s not as stacked as the others but the flavours are rich, bold and very enticing. No need to add any other condiment – this is good on its own.

trcrkParmesan Crusted Chicken. This is a new favourite. Chicken and cheese in a plate is always the best. The chicken remained tender and juicy despite the frying. The gooey cheese on top adds another level of depth. It’s not nakaka-umay. This particular dish is also best for sharing.

Buffalo Wings. Deep fried wings with a hefty coating of thick sweet and spicy sauce is all you need to end just about any day. It’s finger licking good too. I personally love that the pieces are big and is masarap to the bones. You would too.

trcrkSeared Beef and Mushroom. Say goodbye to boring seared beef. Here’s a dish that’ll have you craving in an instant. Juicy beef topped with rich, creamy mushroom sauce goes beyond one’s expectation. Every bite is fork tender thus making it perfect with or without rice.

trcrkSeafood with Pesto Cream. Anything with pesto is love. This particular dish has so many levels of flavours, you’d love to dissect each of them… one bite at a time. The marriage of flavours certainly gives this dish that distinct taste that’s perfect any time of any day.

Bulalo Special. Soup is all you need? Then, this is what you need. This Filipino classic is one of the many other reasons why Rustic Kitchen is a must visit dining place. The clear rich soup is in itself bursting with flavour combo’s that’s very comforting. And the beef pieces? Perfectly cooked. Oh and this dish is packed with beef pieces. If you know what I mean.

Rustic Kitchen is located at Door 4&5 Legaspi Suites, Davao City
For inquiries, you may call them at 09173232571/ 082 327 3165
Store Hours:11am-10pm (Mondays to Thursdays) and 11am-10.30pm (Fridays and Saturdays)

Follow my messy food affair at
IG: @iamleebai



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