Damosa Land Excellence Awards Night 2016

Disclaimer: As published on Edge Davao.

“Tonight’s event is about giving recognition. With all of the hard work, everyone in the company, one night of the year, we are all equals.” was how Ricardo ‘Cary’ Floirendo Lagdameo, Vice President for Damosa Land described the night. And it was.

Success is not just about the numbers; success is about working together towards the realization of ideas, goals and objectives. And last August 26, 2016, Davao’s top home-grown developer, Damosa Land Incorporated (Damosa Land for brevity), transformed Seda Hotel into a red-carpet catwalk.

Indeed, the night shone brighter than a diamond. From free-flowing, lace hugging gowns to polished suits, everyone came in their most beautiful Oscars couture that made the night even more special.

The night begun with a heartfelt invocation led by the glamorous Sales Manager Lady Mae Gabawan. With everyone on ecstatic mood, Assistant Vice President Danilo A. Manlangit welcomed the attendees to a night of thanksgiving and festivities. Before the awarding, an entertaining intermission number, from the sassy Sales Team, kept everyone smiling from ear to ear.

Damosa Land Vice President, Ricardo ‘Cary’ Floirendo Lagdameo, gave an inspiring message that delighted everyone in attendance. “Damosa Land is always doing many things across all our business segments. We’ve been so busy…no shortage of projects. Tonight, we just want to let loose a bit”. He added, “Everyone contributes to the success of the company. We are all one family – a horizontal organization. One big happy family”.

Mr. Albert Alvaran, Junior Sales Director, ended the night on a hopeful note.

Damosa Land rewarded its top employees and sales specialists with cash incentives, travel incentives and travel kits to name a few.

Be in the know and stay connected with Damosa Land Incorporated for the latest news and developments.
Damosa Land is located at Damosa Complex, Lanang, Davao City
For queries and concerns, you may call them at (Residential) 082 234 2888 and (Commercial) 082 234 0539
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/damosaland.inc
Website: http://www.damosaland.com

Again, to everyone, congratulations.

Non-Sales Employees
1- Kevin Ansano – Sales Admin Assistant, DLI
2- Suzanne Mosqueda – Billing and Collection, Commercial and Leasing, DLI
3- Myril Mapano – Tenant Account Manager Staff, DLI Gensan
4- Rannel Flores – Senior Manager, North Operations, DLI
5- Vigmarie Bacalso – Senior Finance Manager, DLI
6- Orlando Dacay – Manager, Project Management & Construction, ARDSAC

Sales Employees
1- Jeanelyn Calumpang – Property Specialist
2- Arleen Maaskarino – Property Specialist
3- Jerard Amada – Sales Manager
4- Laurice Soriano – Broker
5- Albert Alvaran – Sales Director

Property Specialists
1- Mark Jones Malhin
2- Anne Marie Padua
3- Mary Jane de Guzman
4- Cristina Vergara
5- Arleen Jocelyn Maskarino
6- Jeanelyn Calumpang

Sales Managers
1- Elvie Calonia
2- Richard Christianson
3- Jerard Amada

Booker Coordinator
1- Jumar Galdo

Sales Director
1- Albert Alvaran


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