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Matina Enclaves Sellers Semi-Annual Awards

Disclaimer: As published on Edge Davao.

27 August 2016, The Royal Mandaya Hotel, at the heart of downtown Davao – It’s awarding season once again. The men and women of Matina Enclaves glammed up and painted The Royal Mandaya Hotel’s Grand Ballroom in specks of blacks and golds.

Stunning. Everyone came in dressed to a tee. The room was bursting with a festive mood – from every corner, everyone came in prepared and was in great anticipation. The night was no ordinary night; it was a celebration — a night of giving back to everyone who helped Matina Enclaves become one of the most sought after real estate company in the city.

Welcoming everyone was Project Director Gerald Kent Garces, who was emanating with happiness and glee. After him, an inspirational message, The President’s Message, was delivered by the ecstatic Sir Glenn Escandor, President/CEO of Matina Enclaves. Recollecting on the past and seeing how far the company has gone escalated the mood even more.

The night was not just about handing our plaques and certificates, it too highlighted the many talents of the people behind the success of Matina Enclaves. Yes, intermission numbers delighted everyone in attendance. Nope, not by professionals but by agents, managers and brokers. Romero Realty surprised everyone with a song number while the Davao Dragon Vibe Realty jived and swayed their presence through a dance number. Not to be outdone, Leuterio Realty also showed everyone that they too own the dance floor.

As everyone enjoyed the sumptuous feast laid before them, one by one the awardees were called. Certificates, plaques and cash incentives were awarded. Combo and Sellers incentives were also given. And the most anticipated Special Award – Best Dressed Male and Female of the Night – was awarded to most stylish attendees of the night.

In between awarding, a generous raffle draw made everyone up on their feet. Of which includes an overnight stay for 2 at The Royal Mandaya Hotel, Lunch or Dinner Buffet at the hotel, Mesa Gift Certificates and Cell phones were given away.

Towards the end, special guest and celebrity host of the night, Daniell Aliermo (Vice Ganda Kalokalike Phase 3 Grand Winner) made it even more memorable with his funny antics that was loved by everyone. The event was hosted by Rey Bargamento, Alayka Diva and Daniell Aliermo.

Again, to everyone, cheers and congratulations!

Top Brokers
(Freebies included Overnight stay + Parker Pen + Pin + Plaque)
1- Anthony Leuterio REB
2- Charity Furog REB
3- Leticia Ablas REB
4- Romero Hierro REB
5- Jocelyn Bernal

Top Sales Managers
(Freebies included Overnight stay + Parker Pen + Pin + Plaque)
1- Gilbert Monecillo
2- Joseph Arthur Avila REB
3- Ryan Sayson
4- Ofelia Genodepanon
5- Shiena Mae Furog

Certificates for Brokers
(Freebies included Overnight stay + Parker Pen + Pin + Certificate)
1- Eric John Villasor REB
2- Rizalyn Denaga REB
3- Solomon Banez REB
4- Jetro Carlo Capili REB
5- Erwin Adolfo REB
6- Realty Options Inc
7- Aimee Maturan REB

Certificates for Sales Manager
(Freebies included Overnight stay + Parker Pen + Pin + Certificate)
1- Boyd Yron Xhryzler Cabiladas
2- Jocelyn Santos
3- Consuelo Gonzaga
4- Fernan Maturan REB
5- Jillaida Escobal

Certificates for Sales Agents
(Freebies included Overnight stay + Parker Pen + Pin + Certificate)
1- Vilma Romero
2- Marjorie Osorio
3- Carlos Lentuan
4- Leslie Gonzaga

Sales Excellence Award – Leuterio Realty & Brokerage



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