Celebration of Plants, Nature and Camaraderie

Disclaimer: As published on Edge Davao.
Photos by Best of Davao

Kadayawan is all about thanksgiving; celebrating the many beautiful things that make for a more beautiful life with nature. Despite the high rise buildings and technology, Davao still is home to some of the world’s most beautiful plants, flowers and orchids that can make you smile from ear to ear.

The Kadayawan Agro Trade Fair Exhibit (August 5-31, 2016) at the SM City Annex Parking area showcased the biggest collection of plants and flowers from all over the city. Through the initiative of FIDI and MINFED (Floriculture Industry of Davao Inc. and Mindanao Floriculture and Ecological Development respectively), varieties of flowers, orchids, herbs and plants were showcased to the delight of everyone.


The exhibit also paved as an avenue for growers, exhibitors and farm owners to showcase their collection through a series of contests. The exhibit was formally opened to the public with a colourful ensemble of street dancers that welcomed guests.

Floriculture Industry of Davao Inc. (FIDI) President, Engr. Angel Puentespina, welcomed everyone in attendance. Representing beloved City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte was City Councilor April Dayap of the 2nd District of Davao. Department of Agriculture Undersecretary Edna Lavina also gave an insightful speech.



FIDI and Minfed members, City Government officials, Department Heads, representatives of plant groups from all over the country were in attendance.



Congratulations to all the winners and to FIDI President, Engr. Angel Puentespina, and Minfed President, Viviencio Galliego, thank you for adding colours to the Kadayawan. See you all again next year.


Plant Category (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Best in Aglaonema – Noel Beth Aton
Best in Anthurium – Alfred Abrenica, Kunis Gaarden, Puentespina Garden
Best in Bromeliad – Nenita Delos Santos, Ven Gallegos, Mark Onari
Best in Cacti and Succulent – Vivien Agayan, Ilora Chua, Vivien Agayan
Best in Dish Garden – Regina Cespedes, Jackie Lorenz, Jackie Lorenz
Best in Alliance – Noel Aton, Noel Aton, Puentespina Farms
Best in Flowering – Kunis Garden, Ilora Chua, Kyomi Garden
Best i Mix Genera – Delvic Garden, Fer Scaapes, Abeth’s Garden
Best in Palms and Cycads – Ven Gallego, Ven Gallego, Imelda Agustin
Best in Variegated – Enda Tamdiaman, Mae Magnaye, Maricel Quinal

Floriculture Exhibit – SUL Orchids, Malagos Garden Resort, Noel Aton

Orchids Caategory (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Waling-Waling – SUL Orchids, SUL Orchids, Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants
Vanda Strap – SUL Orchids, SUL Orchids, SUL Orchids
Dendrobium – Regina Cespedes, SUL Orchids, SUL Orchids
Mixed Genera – SUL Orchids, SUL Orchids, SUL Orchids

Best Orchid – SUL Orchids

Special Award – SUL Orchids (Cymbedium Golden Elf)
Special Award – Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants (Vanda Lamellata)


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