Bars and Brownies

Delish Davao Online Food Scene

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

What used to be an ordeal is now made easy … with the advancement of technology, that is. Nowadays, everything is made possible with every click. From educating the self with information to being in trend with the latest fashion and whathaveyou’s to stuffing the self with delish dishes, all you need is a smartphone, a reliable internet connection and you are all set.

With the many social media avenues readily available online, it’s no wonder many have gone beyond its usual notion of “relationship building” media to a source of income. For starters, online selling is not new. It has been ongoing since the very first website was made public. It’s just that, nowadays, selling online takes on a more holistic toll – ready to wear apparels, hard to find items and of course, food.

In Davao, and in the world over, selling food online is one way for us to enjoy the many gastronomic options we can possibly encounter. On the seller’s point of view, selling their creations opens an infinite of possibilities that can make or break their journey into the business realm. Whatever side you may look at, it’s a win-win situation that feeds the craving of both spheres.

True, there are more than a handful of online sellers in the city. Each with their own forte and followers. Most of them cater to sweet treats and hard to find nibbles/candies. But, there too are sellers who whips up a dish that’s worthy of every calorie intake.

Here’s my list of Davao online food finds that, I believe, you really must try. And you’re welcome.

Green Rocks Pastries Homemade Gelato (fb:@GreenRocksPastries)
Homemade Gelato

Known for their decadent cakes and cupcakes, Green Rocks Pastries now offers homemade gelato that is so creamy, rich and very delicious. With that ‘melts in your mouth’ moment, you’d surely be craving even while you are eating. No exaggeration – it’s that delicious. Personally, I love that it’s light and something that wipes the remnants of your main course in an instant.

Mamou’s Puto Pao (ig: @mamousputopao; fb:@itsmamousputopao)

Stuffed and packed to a tee. Every bite takes you into a savory realm of food combinations that’s never ending. The steamed cake (puto) is very light thus creating a smooth canvass for the itlog maalat and chicken asado stuffing without altering any of the flavours. How do I love them? Heat up cold puto pao for a minute and enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea. Now, that’s perfection right there.

Tita Rosita’s Meaty Salsa(fb:@TitaRositasMeatySalsa)
Tita Rosita's Meaty Salsa

This is my happy pill. Every bottle is guaranteed to bring out your best smile. And I am not kidding. Perfect for chips, homemade nachos, on top of piping hot rice or eaten on its own, their meaty salsa is just so addicting you’d love to stack on them in an instant. PS: best as a pasta sauce too.

Gourmet Daing (For orders: Call or Messsage 0917 799 8716)
Gourmet Daing

For a skeptic like me, this broke the record. Its aroma alone takes you on a Filipino cuisine high that’s reflective of how we like our food – simple yet bursting with flavours. Love the versatility too. Can be made into a pastil topping, pasta sauce (oil, capers, olives and cheese) and even as a dip for fresh veggie slices.

Real Confections (fb:@real.confections)
Cheesecake Cupcakes
Davao’s fave is also mine. Pieces of rich baked goodies perfect for any time munching. I love the bars, the brownies and specially the cheesecake cups that are so creamy. Their many flavours makes for a best conversation piece – that is, if you want to share. Try this: place bars inside the fridge, take them out and let stand on room temp then eat. You’d thank me later.

Cheat Time BakeHouse Yema Cake (fb:Cheat Time Bakehouse)
Yema Cake
Creamy individually baked yema cake is something that you must try. The cake alone is already delish –that addition of generous sticky yema on top is something else. Can be paired with coffee or tea. Or for that added oomph, on top of a freak shake.

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