Cheat Time Bake House

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Davao’s food scene is always on point. With Kadayawan just around the corner, now, you need not travel to another continent to taste the latest on food finds. In the city (or anywhere else in the world), re-creating what you saw on the internet is as easy as 1-2-3. Thank you, technology.

Could there be a more epic drink (if you can call it a drink) than the freak shakes? These monstrous masterpieces promise to fix all your sugar cravings at once — with layers and layers of flavours, you’d surely have your senses in alert before you can even take a sip.

Freak shakes are those towering glasses of rich, milky goodness rich topped with moist cake or cookie chunks, generous lashings of cream and a carnival of colorful toppings. Sure, it’s impossible to look elegant whilst tackling one. But when armed with the determination to finish a glass is what you have, then nothing is impossible. You sure are ready to take on that monstrous glass and even social media for that matter. Snap chat!

Certainly, these aren’t for the faint of hearts. They’re monstrous and reeks of sugar from all corners. At the first instance, you’d feel intimidated – would you (I) finish it? Don’t fret, there’s no time limit. Go ahead, savor every bit of flavour on your cup. Make it a lasting experience. That’s what I did. And Yes, I finished a cup – indeed, there’s always a first time.

The latest sweet hub in the city, aptly name CHEAT TIME BAKE HOUSE, is not a newbie. Even before opening their first physical store, they have since been catering to more than a handful of sweet loving peeps. A pop-up store, as the owners called it, was always flocked even when raining. Hence, they opted to open a physical store where everyone can relax and enjoy their sweet treats despite the flares of Mother Nature. Sure is cheat time every time at Cheat Time.

Cheat Time offers an array of freak shake flavours perfect for your cravings. Go plain with vanilla or vanilla oreo on a Monday, strawberry or blueberry on a Tuesday, chocolate on a Wednesday, durian on a Thursday and Nutella or their best seller, Matcha Overload, on a Friday to kick start the weekend. Weekends? Have more than one glass for that ultimate weekend fun with family and friends.

No, that’s not all the flavours they have. In total, they have 30 freak shakes flavour for you to devour. Now, that’s one flavour on a daily basis. And each glass is overloaded with whipped cream, homemade chocolate gaanache and bits and pieces of chocolate nibs.

The top 3 fave freakshakes are MATCHA OVERLOAD, a thick matcha shake topped with decdent chocolate moist cake and numerous sticks and bars of anything match flavoured; COFFEE CRAZE, thickened coffee flavoured shake topped with creamy yema; and the VANILLA OREO, combination of vanilla and oreo thickened shake topped with creamy slice of oreo cheesecake and gooey brownie.



Not only that, you can choose the cake to go on top of your drink. Choose from their silky smooth yema cake, chocolate moist cake, rich red velvet cake or a slice of creamy cheesecake. At Cheat Time, the prices of their shakes depends on the kind of cake you opt to top your shakes with. Cakes are freshly baked by the owners themselves.








Though if you prefer some different flavours, ask nicely and the team will ‘freak’ flavours on the milkshake menu for you.

Cheat Time Bake House is located at corner Ponce, Guerrero Street (formerly the Breakfast Club), Davao City
They are open from Mondays to Sundays, 9Am – 11PM
For orders and inquiries, you may call them at 0915 546 4301

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