Madison’s Avenue Cafe

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

It’s no surprise that Davao is a foodie hub. From fresh produce to an array of international flavours, Davao is a destination that you need not miss. Here, every nook and corner holds a treasure chest of exciting flavours that aims to excite the palate unlike any other. What’s more? The selection is endless. . . limited only by your imagination.

What’s better than “what’s more”?
A Davao food adventure is also very affordable.

True enough, the city has since become coffee infested with the many cafes and coffee shops lining every street. From internal coffee brands to the more laidback local coffee shops, Davao’s coffee industry has since been brewing to greater levels unlike before. Not just that. One best things about our (coffee) scene is the undying support we give back to the local farmers and producers. Now, that’s something to be happy about.

Madison’s Coffee Avenue. Yes, Madison’s Coffee Avenue is a ‘nub — a newbie in this coffee infested city. Still, it is one of those coffee shops that you need to visit when you are in town. Simple and downright straight to the point, Madison’s Avenue bares the essential of a Davao coffee experience — homey, friendly and of course, very relaxing.

Since they opened their doors to the public, their red and white colored walls are always crowded with people. From students to yuppies to just about anyone who happens to crave for an instant gastronomic fix, Madison’s Avenue Cafe is ready to satisfy you. Their location is also very convenient (located right along Roxas Boulevard, fronting a strip of wag-wag/ukay-ukay stalls).

Their menu is simple. Not exhaustive; just plain simple. Dishes offered are very homey thus easy for the palate to love. A wide selection of hot and cold frappes and smoothies will surely have you smiling in an instant. Not to mention their crowd favorites, budget meals, available all day long. Also in their menu are pastries and organic juice for you to choose from.

Although fairly new in the gastro industry, they already have a list of best sellers and favorites. Enjoy an afternoon of fun and food with their plate of nachos (rich, textured and crunchy), spaghetti bolognese (meaty without going overboard with the flavours), lumpia shanghai with egg, Madison’s buttered chicken and garlic pork. Their budget meals (served with iced tea) include fried chicken, fish fillet and pork adobo.
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Also in their menu is the Madison’s pancake, carbonara, clubhouse sandwich, egg sandwich and french fries. Also, hotdog with egg and longganisa with egg.


Want some cold frappes? Try their Madison’s Choco Java chips (rich and decadent), durian frappe (soooo sarap!), rocky road frappe, mocha frappe and vanilla hazelnut frappe to name a few.


If smoothie is your cup of tea, then better order one of these: mixed berries, strawberry, durian, raspberry banana, banana caramel, mango banana and carrot cucumber.

So, the next time you want to relax and enjoy a gastro adventure without breaking the bank, go ahead and pay Madison’s Avenue Cafe a visit. Tag your friends along.

Enjoy Happy Hour at Madison’s Avenue Cafe every 2:00pm to 4:00pm, Mondays to Saturdays.  Buy 1, Take 1 on all their smoothies!

Madison’s Avenue Cafe is located Door 109 Charlotte Dormitel Bldg., Roxas Ave., 8000 Davao City, Philippines
For inquiries, you may call them at 0998 567 4996

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