Madison’s Avenue Cafe Opens in Davao

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from Edge Davao.

With a selection of barista coffee on the menu, choices of freshly cooked favorites, Madison’s Avenue Cafe provides a quiet place to work, study or chill on any given day.That’s not all. At Madison’s Avenue Cafe, not only do you satisfy a hungry palate; you also satisfy your budget.

Truly, you need not be a coffee connoisseur to enjoy a cup. The increasing recognition for a “good cup” verily extends beyond the aroma of every coffee cup served. We also recognize the experience – being able to drink, share and be with the company of others. Now, that’s what you call a “good coffee experience”.

At Madison’s Avenue Cafe, you’d love the happy vibe once you set foot inside this quaint coffee shop that reeks with positivity from all corners. Finally opening its doors to the public last 18 July 2016, it speaks forth of a destination for the foodies in all of us. Well-attended by friends, family and the good Davao City Councilor Al-Ryan Alejandre, the event was a thanksgiving and a celebration of togetherness.

Madison’s Avenue Cafe is a family business that goes beyond borders. The cafe was the vision of Madison (whom the cafe was named after) who currently resides outside the country. To help make his vision a reality, sister Melody and other family members, made it possible for (the vision) to be materialised. Not only is this enjoyed by family and friends but by everyone who seeks comfort beyond their own comfort zones.

Madison’s Avenue Cafe offers an array of choices – from hot to cold frappes and smoothies, you are sure to find something for your palate. They also serve pasta, nachos and affordable meals that you can enjoy anytime.

So, the next time you want a satisfyingly affordable gastronomic indulgence, you know where you need to be. Madisons’ Avenue Cafe.

Again, congratulations!

Madison’s Avenue Cafe is located Door 109 Charlotte Dormitel Bldg., Roxas Ave., 8000 Davao City, Philippines
For inquiries, you may call them at 0998 567 4996


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