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Secret No More : Belito’s Vineyard

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Sometime’s it’s best to keep things to yourself. But, it too is best when you share it and let others discover and enjoy the reason for the many smiles on your face. Yes, this is an ongoing dilemma. Especially for foodies. While there are others who opt to share, there too are those who hoard the information and keep mum. But…for how long?

Belito’s Vineyard has since been a personal favorite. I love everything about the place – the ambiance, the people and of course, the bountiful food prepared and cooked to satisfy a growling tummy. Despite the secluded location, many still find their way onto their outdoor (al fresco) dining area perfect after a night of paperworks and computer blitz. Best time to visit? At night. Definitely at night.

Not your typical restaurant of bourgeois interiors and intimidating upholstery. It’s homey, quaint and very rustic. No pattern to make you go dizzy or an overrated theme that overpowers your appetite. Here, you’d love that you get to enjoy nature and the food minus the city noise. Although the setting is outdoor, no loud nothings to disturb you.

Belito’s is not just about their ambiance – it too has some of the most delicious dishes in town. Combination of flavours, you’d love that your palate is able to explore the many corners of the world with every bite. Hence, making you eat more than expected — not complaining here.

Best seller? Everything. Yes. Everything. Their menu, unlike the rest, is not complicated. Downright simple, you’d find something in an instant. If you can, go ahead and order one of each. That’s one way of finding a new favorite every single time and of course, allow you to explore their many flavours.

Many rave of their paella negra, gambas and lamb caldereta.
The paella negra is one of the best in town. It’s packed and very savory. Textured, the generous pieces of seafood adds to the already deliciously flavoured rice. More so, drizzle some freshly squeezed lime/lemon and expect another depth of flavour in an instant.
The gambas has that powerful taste that brings back memories in one bite. Have a go while it’s hot and you’d know what I mean. The shrimp and the oil based sauce are just perfect for each other. Match made over fire.
Their lamb caldereta is my personal favorite. I love lamb dishes and this one is no exception. It’s delicate meat oozes with flavours that lingers onto your palate. The flavours create a certain depth that makes you crave for more. With or without rice, this is perfect.

They also serve a mean osso buco (tender juicy meat flavoured to perfection), chicken curry (playful version of chicken curry with an honest to goodness taste only Belito’s Vineyard has) and green mango with bagoong (I tell you, their bagoong is super sarap).

So, what does #TheRoyalChef recommends? EVERYTHING.

trc belitos

trc belitostrc belitos

trc belitos

Belito’s Vineyard is located at Ferrazzini Compound, Palm Drive, Bajada, Davao City
Open: Monday to Sunday 11:00am to 11:00pm
Phone (082) 227-6726
Mobile 09065721188, 09228576726, 09228576727

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IG: @iamleebai


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