Batu Cafe Nacho Salad

Orgasmic Food Faves

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.


Something old, something new. Something sweet, something salty. For most, for a food or dish to be considered gastronomically orgasmic, it has to have depth of flavours, texture and of course, taste. True but personally, what I call gastronomically orgasmic are dishes that reminds me of instances or places and even of people that I’ve met along the way. That there is my green light.

Of the many new dining places in town, I’ve discovered and re-discovered dishes that brought back memories. Some are new while some has been a personal favorite for quite some time. Of who and what instances hit the green light, here’s my warmest smile.

Next time you want to explore the many flavours of Davao’s finest chefs and cooks, go ahead indulge. Don’t forget to tag your friends and make it even more memorable.

Batu Cafe Nacho Salad

I find satisfaction in the most inconvenient of food pairings. I love a medley of textures in my food. It is that unexpected burst of flavour that makes me crave for something on any given day. This one is no exception. I love their take on this crunchy, leafy salad. I just wish they’d add more cheese on top. Other than that, this is good. Value for money too.

Batu Cafe Nacho Salad

Batu Cafe is located at G/F Las Casitas Hotel, #509 Loyola Street, Obrero, Davao City
They are open Mondays to Sundays 6:00am to 12:00am
For orders and reservations, you may call them at 082 222 6552

K Steak Unlimited Chicken Steak
Of course, I love my chicken (dishes). This is one of those dishes that I want to eat especially after a tough day at work. The chicken is tender and juicy and the chargrilled taste and aroma makes it even more interesting. With or without gravy, this is good.

K Steak Unlimited Chicken Steak

K Steak Unlimited is located at Loreto corner Macopa street, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City
You may call them at 082 330 0060

Pancake House Roast Beef Platter (Abreeza Ayala Mall branch)
I’m not much of a beef lover but I find this dish deliciously bearable. I admit, there are days that their roast beef is tough and some days, its fork tender. Despite that, I still love this especially on weekends and I’m on “relax mode”. If you find the beef tough, drown it in gravy. That’s what I do.

Pancake House Roast Beef Platter

Pepper’s Iberica Resto Fish and Chips
Oh this is love! This is my new favorite from this quaint and humble restaurant that serves my ultimate favorite Pesto Pasta and Iberica Chicken. Their fish and chips (or fries if you want) is really delicious. Batter coats the fish well and is not overpowering to the fish meat. It’s so crunchy but juicy at the same time. More so, I love their sauce. It pairs perfectly well with the fried fish. This one is something I’d order and eat again..and again..and again.

Pepper's Iberica Resto Fish and Chips

Pepper’s Iberica Resto is located at Door 9 Asaje IV Building, Mabini Street, Davao City.
For orders and reservations, you may call them at 0922 391 2364
Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm and 6:00pm-10:00pm

FCF Minatamis na Saging
For those who know me well, I am such a saging lover. When this was introduced to me, I immediately said yes. The sauce is out of this world delicious. It’s carmel alright but it tasted more than just caramel. It’s milky but not too creamy. Hands down, the caramel sauce is the winner.

FCF Minatamis na Saging

FCF- Filipino Comfort Food Davao is located at the Damosa complex, Lanang, Davao City
You may call them at 0925 799 6731
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