7th Heaven at 7th Corner Restaurant and Cafe

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.
Relaxation goes beyond the typical notion of a comfortable bed coupled with a cabled tv, wi-fi and of course, a bathroom that you can sleep in. Most often, especially when staying in a hotel or a brothel, the idea is to replicate a comforting scenario staged by the mind. In Davao, all of this is possible. Even beyond what the mind has conceived.

Aside from the amenities we look into before clicking that ‘booked’ button, we also grow curious of the food and dishes they serve. Well, for a foodie like me, and you too, it’s one thing to look forward to – same footing as room service, that is.

Star Hotel is one of Davao’s best kept secrets. It’s new, very new to say the least, but the reception from the people is already massive that they end up booked for functions on a daily basis. Inside, Star Hotel’s in-house cafe and restaurant, 7th Corner, is always making its presence felt – in the hearts and tummies of locals and foreigners alike.

7th Corner Cafe and Restaurant is so cozy you’d not want to leave. Though quite small, the cafe and restaurant’s design is minimalist and very pleasing to the eyes. The dining area opens to their lounge area where, every Friday, an acoustic band serenades the clients to a medley of heartwarming songs.

trcBegin your meal at 7th Corner with a hefty serving of soup that will have you smiling in an instant. Their treasure soup is very fulfilling and satisfying. The rich soup is packed with meat and vegetable pieces that will surely have you slurping in an instant. Just take it slow with this one, you’d not want to end up busog from the soup alone.

Indulge in a plate of colorful fresh salad with 3 dressings. Yes, that’s 3 different dressings – Apple Cider, Mango and Thousand Island. Recommended? Try the Mango Dressing… you’d thank me later. Their camaron rebosado is packed like a mini-ball ready to explode. Deep-fried and packed with marinated meat and shrimps, you’d love munching on these with or without dip. My friends loved that one ball is enough to satisfy you.

Kare-Kare is a favorite amongst everyone who loves a medley of crunchy vegetables, thick rich peanut sauce and fork tender meat in one go. Not to mention the delectable taste of fermented shrimp on the side. At 7th Corner, their version is packed with meat and oozing with peanut flavour. A little color could most definitely awaken the hungry tummy even more. Oh and more peanut nibbles too.


For the chicken lovers, this one’s for you. Really. Their greaseless chicken is something to celebrate about. The chicken is richly marinated thus allowing you to savour every bite with bursting flavour.

Plateful of carbonara from 7th corner will greatly satisfy your cravings. Al dente pasta with rich, creamy sauce, hefty serving of bacon pieces and of course, cheese on top. Want some sandwich? They have a delicious yet healthy clubhouse sandwich. Served with potato fries, you’d love that this sandwich has greens and meat at the same time.

Something to drink? You’d love their selection of smoothies. From basic caffeinated to blended fruits, you will surely have a new favorite after your first sip. Try their signature Avocado Graham and Matcha Green Tea.


7th Corner’s coffee shop, I just have to say this, serves some of the best tasting cup of coffee in Davao. The taste is very relaxing. You’d love that you can do away with sugar or cream and still love every sip. More so, their coffee art is way too cute to take a sip.

7th Corner Cafe and Restaurant of Star Hotel is located at Blk 16, Lot 14 Mabini Street corner Voyager, Brgy 9-A, Davao City
For orders and reservations, call them at (082) 222 5389

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Matcha Green Tea Smoothie


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