Davao Massage: Olive Leaf Wellness  Spa 

Most often, I shy away from back rubs and massages just because I get ticklish in an OA manner. Touch my back and I’d dance like a mosquito. Rub my back and you’d see me turning red in a poor attempt to hide the tickling sensation all over my body.

When the invitation to strip down and get some massage lovin’ presented itself (in the most unexpected of times!), I just had to say yes. In an instant, I did. I did. I said yes. Well the fact that I’ll be with my friends is another reason why.

Olive Leaf Wellness Spa is one of Davao’s best kept secret. It’s partly hidden in a subdivision in the south side of the city but one that you’d easily find despite the many lefts and rights (that is, if you are coming in from the Ecoland/Quimpo Boulevard area). For one, it’s best landmark is the coveted St. Paul Church.

Olive Leaf Wellness Spa is one of the most calming spa and massage centres I’ve been to. I love that its quaint thus giving you that intimate feel in an instant. I love the confine space and the feeling of security especially when you start drifting into the unknown. I love that i said yes to this.

Another reason why I love this spa and wellness center so much is because of the friendly staff. Personally, that’s a make-or-break point. If I don’t like how I’m treated, I won’t recommend the same to my friends. With them, it’s different. You’d feel the love and the warmth as soon as you step in and up until you step out. They follow up on you thus making you feel all the more pampered.

One other reason, and the best of them all, is that it’s worth every peso spent. It’s affordable but with superior spa and massage services. Yes, with them, a good massage need not be expensive. You get to say goodbye to stress without having to worry about your budget. And with every service they offer, you can expect the best and most soothing massage you can every get on this side of the city.

For the kid in me, I love that their services are mythology named and related. Yes, upon seeing that, I know that I’d certainly have a good time. And I did.

Thank you, Jojie Alcantara for introducing me to another Davao hidden gem.
For more strokes and spa sessions, cheers!

Olive Leaf Wellness Spa is located at #603, Door 2, Macopa Street Juna Subdivision Matina Crossing, Davao City
For bookings and schedules, you may call them at  082 321 7271
Mondays to Thursdays: 12pm-12am
Fridays to Sundays: 12pm-2am


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