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Movie Night: Me Before You

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not a big movie fan. Let me correct that. I am not a big cinema goer fan. Why? I don’t know. However, as I find ways to relax and let go of work-related stress on a daily basis, I am now leaning towards falling in love with the darkened movie house, the vibrating speakers, the cool seats. the munchies and of course, the people you are with and the people inside the cinema.

Recently, I went to watch Me Before You. Why this movie? For one, I, along with my friends, have always been fascinated about love. Who isn’t? Anyway. Armed with our personal love related issues and qualms, it was a no-brainer that we’d end up watching this than Conjuring 2. (Still urging them to watch the later…pretty please!)

Honestly, the movie was nice. Not superbly nice or outstandingly great but was okay. It was an emotionally challenging movie that’ll have your either shedding a tear (or two) or laughing because of kilig. Mind you, for a tear jerker like me, I did not shed any tear. I was laughing along the rest but no tear made an appearance. Or maybe because of the fact that I’ve read the book prior to watching it. Of why, we’ll never know.

The movie was something that would allow you to realise on the concept of love, being in love, loving and being loved. Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) exuded quirkiness that will make you smile. More than her colorful wardrobe, funky shoes and attention-grabbing tights, I loved how her character evolved without being way too dramatic. And Will’s too (Sam Claflin). Nathan (Steve Peacocke) also brought something to the plate that tied the worlds of the two. Also, the presence of Patrick (Matthew Lewis) and just about every cast member. Yes, I see you Steve Traynor (Charles Dance). I kinda felt it was a Game of Thrones reunion for 2 houses. Nah.. it’s just me.

I loved that every character has a story to tell. Had a story to tell. Stories that simplified two complicated worlds. Though quite predictable (even without reading book), their story was still effective. There were a lot of kilig moments that many of us can relate to. There too were destructive moments that we can all relate to.

All in all, it was a nice movie. A movie that’ll have your quirkiness awaken and your emotions stirred. It’s that kind of movie that, towards the end, will have you question your notion of love. It’s that kind of movie that’ll give you a smile in the end.

Will I watch it again? Maybe.
Will I read it again? I don’t re-read love stories unless I’m in so much pain.

PS. I watched the movie like I never read the book. 🙂


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