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New Look for Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria Davao

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.
Change… inevitable and constant. Instead of worrying, embrace it. Accept it and begin to step outside the box. . . one at a time. With the changing times, a business, like the self, needs to grow. Hence, when the time comes, you’d know it, take the plunge and walk with change.

Pizza continues to be one of Davao’s best option whenever the tummy growls. Be it for lunch, dinner or in between – some even have pizza for breakfast – a hot-slice of pizza is a sure way to satisfy, not only a hungry tummy, but the yearning of being together and sharing a meal. Yes, we love to eat. More so, of the fact that we love to eat together. Nothing can negate that.

6 years after they served their first pizza in town, Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria remains to be a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. From an 8 table, limited space and seating pizza house, it now has more than enough branches spread all over the city to satisfy anyone’s craving. Now, its name is equivalent to gastronomic satisfaction without having to break your budget.

This year, Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria is brewing something new. Something worth the wait…definitely worth the wait. What’s new at Mamma Maria’s? New interiors, modern design and a coffee shop plus pastries under one roof.

Quaint pizzeria no more, it boasts of a modern day-New York-esque interior of wood and steel in browns and blacks. Wooden crates converted into ceiling adornments and made into pieces of chairs and tables, you’d love how spacious their new store is. I did and I am. Their modern revamp of the used-to-be-quaint shop is now bigger and bolder…ready to take a hoard of diners and orders unlike before.

New look, same menu…Don’t fret. Their extensive 24 flavour thin crust pizza remains.With their signature biscuit thin and crispy crust (an Italian pizza crust is thin and has that biscuit like texture) and hindi tinipid toppings, you need not worry about missing them from your repertoire of favorites.

Combo meals of juicy chicken and al dente pasta (or pizza) is still on the menu. No need to imagine eating them, you can always order one anytime you want. Burger hungry? You can still binge on their tower tall packed burgers (from Gino’s Burger) that has since been a formidable favorite. If you know your burgers and meats, you’d know the difference.

Out with family or friends or just hungry for pizza? Their Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza is still on. Now, satisfying your palates comes in two’s. Indeed, sharing has never been this good.

Coffee. Yes, everyone loves a cup of hot coffee anytime of any day. With the owners knack for eating and drinking coffee, it’s no wonder their fresh from the academe son is fascinated with coffee making and is presently their in-house barista. Believe me, his coffee can verily compete with mainstream coffee shops. It’s that good.

Now comes the sweet part… the dessert. On display are cakes and pastries baked to allow for a sweet ending to a flavorful dining experience. Again, their coffee complements their baked goodies without overpowering the textures and depth of flavours built to give their pastries that oomph factor. Try the Rainbow Pizza Cake with Traditional Icing –you’d love it.

What has originated in Bacolod is now satisfying every Davaoenos craving for good food. With a new look, you’d have more than enough reason to dine in and be busog under one roof. Oh and temporarily say goodbye to your diet muna. Every calorie is worth it.

Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria Davao is located at J.P. Laurel Avenue corner Inigo street, Davao City
They are open Mondays to Sundays 9:00am to 12:00am
For orders, you may call them at 082 221 4411

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4 thoughts on “New Look for Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria Davao

    1. Hi Dane 🙂
      Pizza from MammaMaria’s is always masarap. Packed with flavours and has that Italian crispy biscuit crust that makes it all more delicious. They have 24 flavours that you can choose from. If you can’t make up your mind, they have the buy1 take1 too.


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