View from the pool

Fun Under the Sun at Cavanico il Mare

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from Edge Davao.

Aside from the obvious, one of the many other reasons why living in Davao is the best is the island of Samal on the other side of the fence. Yes. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city noise need not be complicated. In an instant, if you want to escape, you can. And that’s minus the expenses too.

Cavanico il Mare is heaven. Pure heaven. Not many beach resorts can take my breath away, but theirs is very relaxing, calming and perfect for recharging the self. Though flocked with families and groups still there exists a sense of serenity. The landscape of the area is also something you’d truly appreciate. More so, love the fact that they preserved mangroves (and is planning to line a strip leading to the pools). Picture perfect right there.

Although some parts of the resort is still under construction, you’d not be dismayed as the resort is full of amenities that you enjoy in. If you want to frolic under the sun and stretch on the sand, then go ahead. If beach volleyball is your cup of tea, then they have a sports section for you to enjoy. Just don’t forget your sunblock.

Want to go swimming? They’ll give you the option of the vast sea or their pools of shapes and sizes. They have an infinite pool if you just want to relax with a drink under the sun. Water activities? They have a number of water sports and recreations that will have you smiling in an instant.

Need for speed? Rent their jet ski. Fun with group? Go on a banana boat ride. Want to stay near the shoreline? Drive their aqua paddles. Want to feel the breeze alone or with your significant other? Go kayaking or skindive/snorkeling.

Accommodation-wise, you’d be surprised of how they designed their rooms. Definitely worth every centavo paid…and more. Choose from their Closed cottages (bamboo rooms), open cottages (cogon huts), greenhouse (dormitory type) and pavilions. If in doubt, camp out and be one with nature.

Beach front

Now, let’s talk about food. It is the food that makes or breaks an establishment, right? Dining at Cavanico il Mare equates to their Kino’s Bar which is very inviting. It’s open and enables you to enjoy the resort from all angles. What’s nice about the bar, aside from their delectable dishes, is that it’s just a stone’s throw away from the back entrance, restrooms and of course, the shoreline.

Speaking of dishes, theirs is hands-down different from the rest. Most often, resorts do not pay attention to their menu but theirs is truly an exception.

Feast on a plate full of ginataang alimango with kalabasa and ginger. The marriage of the kalabas and ginger is truly divine. It’s creamy yet savory without that umay taste. Craving for some greens, whites and oranges? If yes, then try their Chopsuey – straight up flavour with a hint of sea.

ginataang alimango


Want a one dish meal that’s right up your beach alley? Go ahead and order their paella negra and fall inlove with a basket full of black rice and all the seafood pieces you can munch on.

paella negra

Speaking of seafood, who would rule out grilled tuna belly from their repertoire of dishes by the sea? None, right? This is a definite must try. This fish dish will make you crave for more. Chicken anyone? Oh, this! Their Neneng’s Whole Chicken is sarap to the bones. It has that crispy skin exterior but a very moist and juicy meat inside. Take my word for it, use your hands!

Grilled tuna belly

Neneng's chicken

How to get there: From the Sasa Port, you can either take your car to the barge or ride the barge and hop off once you reach the Babak port. Upon arriving at the Babak port, drive, turn left and follow the signs leading to Monfort Bat Sanctuary. Landmark for Cavanico il Mare is the downhill location of Camudmud’s Barangay Hall.

Call ahead or browse their facebook fanpage for the prices on their rooms.
Oh and I’m definitely coming back.

Cavanico il Mare (formerly Pacific Heights resort) is located at Brgy. Camudmud, Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte
For reservations and bookings, call them at 0942 473 8122 or 0905 1809508 or 082 284 6491

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