Hairology Salon Opens in Davao

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from Edge Davao.

The clamour for being beautiful — inside and out — has set an unbelievably relaxing standard for the grooming industry across the world.Unbelievable because of the many trends and techniques everyone wants to experience. Relaxing, on the other hand, because of the yearning to detach the self from the chaos of everyday life. Feasible? Of course.

With globalization, we learn and understand. We seek and evidently, find what we believe is best for us. In Davao, the same holds true. And Hairology Salon is no exception.

Decked in black and gold, the newly-opened hair salon in Davao should be on your “must-visit-salon” list. If there is such a thing. Well, there should be.  In this day and age, letting go of negative vibes not only equates to a trip somewhere else but also of some quality time for the self. Most, if not all, find the idea of pampering the self a right that cannot be reckoned with.

“I want the best things. ‎I want quality.”, owner Peter Duque Reyes emphasized before the crowd of well-wishers and spectators. Hairology Salon is the brainchild of brothers Peter (Duque Reyes) and Robert “Young” Reyes. The latter being one of Davao’s award-winning and sought after hairstylist and the salon’s Managing Director.

Last May 18, 2016, the newest salon in Davao finally unveiled itself to the public. Their first branch, the event was well- attended by family, friends and media personalities. The event was one of thanksgiving that left everyone in a happy and festive mood all day long.

Not only did they open their doors for all to see but  more so, showcased what they can do and offer the public. A demo of makeup and hair styling took place all throughout the day and closing it with a mini-fashion show.

It took them (some) 2 years before they finally let all the inhibitions go and opened a salon that’s not only of top-notch quality but one that will make you feel and look a better version of yourself after every session. Driven with passion and dedication, the duo aims to make a change and set the trend in terms of beautifying and pampering the self minus the expense.

We saw a great opportunity to open a salon., owner Peter Reyes said.  Aside from the obvious, they also recognised the importance of having friendly and skilled staff that the clients can depend on. True enough, Hairology Salon has the warmest of staff that will make you feel right at home.

Hairology Salon prides itself on being a purveyor of top-rated grooming products and of staffed professionals who provides outstanding services in a relaxing environment. What they provide is beyond measurable — they only use top of the line hair products, the newest trends in hair treatment and imported machines. Not to mention, the newest in hair care system.

The next time you are in need of pampering, make Hairology Salon your best beauty option in Davao. Again, CONGRATULATIONS, Hairology Salon and may you continue to snip, color and blow everyone’s beauty problem away.

Hairology Salon is located at the 3/F Gaisano Mall of Davao, J.P. Laurel avenue, Bajada, Davao City.


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