YOLO CAke from Dulce Vida

Baked Treats & Coffee Love Affair

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Ending April on a sweet, sweeter, sweetest run with some sweet baked favorites from Davao’s many delectable shops. It’s not a ‘top..list of’ but a list of what I have loved, love and will always love when I’m having a slow coffee day with friends and colleagues.

Chocolate Cake trc

I love my coffee. That’s a fact. But…I also love to pair my coffee with some sweet baked treats. What’s my personal favorite? Pancake. Yes, I’m a pancake lover and I love mine fluffy and plain – with just butter and honey. I don’t like overly sweet baked goodies – it takes away the taste and aroma of coffee. What I want are nibbles that complement the bitter, rich taste of coffee and vice versa.

Pancake trc

True, Davao is a big box of delicious goodness. What I love about the city? There is always something new to find, discover and munch on. Here’s some of my fave coffee pairings. What’s yours?

On any given day, I’d settle for a donut. Yes, I love donuts – with or without holes (my nephew doesn’t consider filled donuts as donuts – they don’t have holes). Donuts are instant perk me uppers that you can easily buy , eat and take wherever you may be. I’m a classic; I love the old school taste. I am adventurous, yes, but I love the taste of classic donuts more than anything. Krispy Kreme’s original glaze and Dunkin’ Donuts’ boston kreme is my go -to flavours.

Blueberry Ensaymada from Green Coffee has always been a personal favorite coffee pair. Back when we would have coffee before going to class (MBA Batchmates!), we’d end up at this cafe and munch on these gigantic fluffy treats in an instant. Personally, the ensaymada is already sweet but is not overly on the sweet side. It could still pair up with a cup of coffee. It is the burst of blueberry that I always look forward to.

Not much of a cheesecake lover but I love Huckleberry’s Sweet Potato Cheesecake. It’s not everyday that you get to taste something like this. The cheesecake itself is relatively not sweet. But as you take a bite with the toppings, you’d be surprised. The sweet potato pairs well with the cheesecake. This is something I’d definitely order again.

Sweet Potato Chessecake from Huckleberry

Recent fave? Well, for those who know me, I don’t really dig peanut butter. Except for peanut butter cups. Though on the sweeter side, I still love Dulce Vida’s YOLO cake. It’s creamy and sweet and packed with flavours with every bite. It’s actually addicting to the taste buds. I especially love the creamy, buttery center filling. Yum yum!

YOLO CAke from Dulce Vida

Another from Dulce Vida that I have loved since they opened their Ecoland shop is major major. It’s not for the faint of heart – really. Chocolate, nuts and mallows.. you can’t go wrong with that. It’s like a slice of happiness every single time. Personally, I love eating this after a long and tiring week. Nothing beats chocolates to cheer you up.

Major Major from Dulce Vida

Also, I adore macarons. But mostly, I pair them with tea. For a time, I was always munching on some hot belgian waffles from Starbucks. I love how they present it. The crisscross pattern on the waffle, creamy white goodness of cream with drizzles of chocolate syrup – simply decadent. Another new love from Starbucks is their French Toast. I love anything with cinnamon and honey. The combination is just so divine – it’s my jagged pill of happiness.

Macarons trc

Belgian Waffle from Starbucks

Carrot Cake trc

One other notable pair for coffee is Frog Kaffee’s sachertorte cake. There’s something about this cake that makes me excited to take a bite. It’s not a dense cake — that’s for sure — and is not overpowering. This pairs well with either hot or cold.

Sachertorte from Frog Kaffee

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