Breathtaking Jack’s Ridge Food and View

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from Edge Davao.


Extra special on their menu? Breathtaking view of Davao City.

Nothing beats a craving than a spectacular view. Yes, a great flavorful meal is perfection in itself. Nonetheless, a great meal plus a magnificent view is something you can’t easily forget. Right? Not to mention, the company of family is nothing compared to a dining experience that’s social-media-bragging-worthy. If there is such a term.

For the explorer and adventurer in all of us, Jack’s Ridge is one place that you’d like to visit and explore. This has been a favourable spot in the metro that will remind you to take a breather and go back to Mother Nature when the hustle and bustle of city life irks you. For one, it’s an all-in-one sanctuary – there’s the view, restaurant and coffee shop for you to enjoy by yourself or with family and friends all year long.

Despite the frequency, especially when the family is in town, we would have dinner at Jack’s Ridge just because we (1) want to relax, (2) savour some local flares and (3) enjoy a majestic view unlike any other.

Let’s talk food. As you know, everytime you come and visit the place, it’s packed to a brim. So, what’s keeping everyone gastronomically satisfied?

For one, their menu is okay. It’s not overly extensive that you’d end up with a tableful of orders. What they have are homegrown favourites that has since been satisfying every hungry tummy – of locals and foreigners alike. Some of which has become part and parcel of celebrations and get togethers.


What they have are local favourites prepared and cooked with fresh local produce. From condiments to greens to meats and fresh seafood finds, you are guaranteed of a homegrown Pinoy food feast. The dishes are rustic yet endearing to the palate. Nothing fancy – just textures, flavours and memories to keep you munching all night long. It’s actually these dishes that will remind you of home in an instant.

Grilled PangaSome favorites include grilled tuna jaw (panga), sotanghon guisado and Jack’s fried chicken. Others also rave of their take on sizzling gambas, crispy tadyang ng baka, kare-kare, pinaputok na bangus, and all season vegetables. My personal favorite? Stuffed squid – just because I love me some squid loving.

Stuffed Squid



So, the next time you want to experience a serene and spectacular view of Davao with a feast of the best of what Davao has to offer, then make your way to Jack’s Ridge Restaurant. Dine during dinner time and you’d not want to leave your seats even after you’ve settled the bill.

Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant is located at Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City
Opens Monday to Sunday 8:00am to 12:00am
For reservations and orders, you may call them at 082 297 8830 to 31

This month marks the 4th year of #TheRoyalChef. To everyone who contributed to the calories on my weight, THANK YOU. For more appetising and delectable feasts, cheers!

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