Of Comfort and Food at Kusina sa Subli

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.

Dining out need not be complicated. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, enjoying a meal, nowadays, is best when you can truly experience the meal minus the (unavoidable) noise. Hence, eating is not only about the food on your plate – but the experience in general. Indeed, it is the experience that sets a great meal from a good meal.

Located in a residential subdivision in Matina, Kusina sa Subli is one restaurant you need to visit. For one, it’s not a complicated restaurant. It’s simple, laid back and very homey. It’s one of those places where comfort is part of their repertoire – even in your most casual of outfits, you’d always have a reason to celebrate and indulge.

Operating since 2014, this quaint Filipino gastronomic place has significantly gained a number of followers. Mostly flocked by corporate people who seeks for a serene and no-fuss dining place, Kusina sa Subli satisfies, not only the palate, but one’s holistic craving for a proper gastronomic experience unlike any other. Not to mention, everything on their menu is inexpensive and perfect for sharing amongst family and friends…any time of any day.

Personally, I love the place just because it’s near where I live. Other than that, I love their simple yet delectably satisfying dishes that reminds me of the comforts of home. That to me is what dining out should be — being able to enjoy a feast without breaking your budget.


Their menu is not complicated (I love that it’s not). I love how I am able to choose a different dish every single time and end up with a new favourite. For one, I always crave for their sizzling bulalo steak and cheese dynamite. Must try!

Off their menu, their best sellers include grilled tuna panga (jaw) and tuna belly. Hot off the grill, theirs are always spot on delicious. The meat inside remain intact but as you bite, you’d be treated to a moist and juicy sensation that’s just bursting with sweetness. You’d truly know that what they have is fresh and not overloaded with spices or seasoning.

Another crowd favorite is their Pak-Fry (buntot ng tuna). Admittedly, I am not a big paksiw fan but I appreciated the taste of their pak-fry. Like the rest, the tuna meat remained moist and the hefty sprinkle of toasted garlic bits on top adds another depth to the already delicious meal.

theroyalchefeats.wordpress.comIf you are more of a meat eater, then they too offer a number of meaty dishes that’ll have you wanting an extra cup of rice in a snap. Try their chicken with white sauce and pork adobo. The chicken and white sauce combo is a refreshing take on the usual soy sauce or tomato laden chicken dishes.

Another dish you’d surely love to try is their take on Paella Negra. It’s packed, light and bursting with flavour. Don’t be deceived by the color – once you take a bite, you’d fall in love with black all over again. This si truly something that you and your friends will surely love.

theroyalchefeats.wordpress.comA new addition to their menu is their Southside Burger and Chika-wings. A masterpiece by Chef Frine Fuentes, the burger patty is made from pure beef and grilled just right for that ultimate burger experience. The burger itself is very delicious – I love that you can chew on some meat, veggies and that refreshing sauce in every bite. This is a definite crowd pleaser and a well-recommended dish.

theroyalchefeats.wordpress.comOn the other hand, the deep fried chicken wings is also something you’d want to munch on all night long. What I like about these babies is that the sauce is made from scratch – with ingredients that highlights the many fresh produce of Davao. It’s a bit on the spicy end so expect a kick of flavours in your mouth.

Aside from the food, Kusina also has 4 spacious VIP rooms perfect for an all-night fun with your family and friends. Sing all night or play pool with your buddies – whichever you fancy, Kusina has the perfect room for you. All room rates are consumable.

Kusina sa Subli is located at Subli St., Lanzona Subdivision, Davao City.
For orders and reservations, you may call them at 082 297 0237
They are open Mondays to Saturdays 10:00am to 2:00pm and  5:00pm to 12:00am
Facebook page:

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