Kusina sa Subli: Southern Comfort Food Haven

Tucked in a residential subdivision in the southern part of the metro, Kusina sa Subli has since become a favourite amongst individuals who love to eat but is too tired to deal with the hassle and bustle of the city noise. What Kusina sa Subli offers is a delicious sanctuary that will leave you craving even while you are eating. Not to mention, inexpensive.

Their menu is downright Filipino. Utilising the freshest of produce that Davao city has to offer, what they have is an array of dishes that will remind you of home. Each dish is prepared to highlight the flavours and textures of each ingredient thus allowing you to experience a delectable food combination in every bite.

Off their menu, their best sellers include Grilled Tuna (Belly, Panga) and Pakfry (Tuna Tail). Since they opened to the public, their grilled dishes has been a definite crowd pleaser. Each dish is portioned for sharing with family and friends.

They also serve a sumptuous take on everyone’s favourite – Pork Adobo. Nothing fancy, just the right blend of flavours and spices and tender meat pieces that you’ll surely love.

New on their menu is a plateful of Paella Negra. Also, they now serve Burger and Chicken Wings that’s delicious and easy to fall in love with.

Kusina sa Subli is not just about their food. They also offer VIP KTV rooms for those who wants to have a great time minus the prying eyes of the public. Inside, you’ll be treated to a spacious area of comfort best for a night cap. Rooms either have a pool table or videoke sound system.

Kusina sa Subli is located at Subli St., Lanzona Subdivision, Davao City, Philippines
For the lastest on Kusina sa Subli, connect with them through social media.
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