World of Wings Tour at TGIFriday’s

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao.


TGIFriday’s knows how to make a memorable experience – and it’s not just because of their food. With TGIFriday’s, there’s always a reason to indulge and celebrate every single day… not just on Fridays.

Starting March 2016, TGIFriday’s takes you on a delicious tour around the world with the newest addition to their menu. Five versions of delectably juicy and flavoured chicken wings cooked to replicate some of the world’s most loved destinations is now made available under one roof. Every dish comes with a specially concocted sauce. With or without sauce, you’d love munching on these babies.

Now, you need not take a vacation leave to savor some of the world’s most sought after flavours. All you need is your appetite, family and friends and your fingers for a much needed delectable time. I tell you, you’d not look at chicken wings the same way ever again. (Personally, I love the Texas BBQ Wings – I love dishes that surprise my palate. I love the smoky flavour you get as you bite into the meat. And no sauce for me.)

Fly across the globe and head over to the land of milk and honey for an awesome foodie time. TGIFriday’s offers two appetizingly delicious chicken wings recipes for an ultimate indulgence unlike any other.

Spicy Jack Daniels’ Wings

Their Spicy Jack Daniels’ Wings is a take on their famous Jack Daniel’s line of dishes that has since been a crowd favorite. Perfectly cooked wings tossed in Friday’s signature Jack Daniel’s glaze, dusted with hot pepper powder for that extra kick and topped with fresh corn salsa. A definite mouthful for the hungry you.

Southern Texas BBQ Wings

If Southern comfort is what you are after, then a must try is their Texas BBQ Wings to satisfy a craving in a snap. Juicy wings covered in smoky BBQ sauce and Texan spice served with cool ranch dressing and apple lime slaw — now, who’s hungry?

Thailand - oney Sriracha Wings

Craving for some Asian inspired flavours? No need to book a flight and go through immigration. Now, you can experience Thailand’s many flavours in one sitting – minus the hassle. Take a bite off a mouthwatering plate of Honey Sriracha Wings – sweet and spicy wings topped with slices of pickled jalapenos and served with homemade bleu cheese dressing — that highlights a combination of gastronomic flavours that which Thailand is known for.

China - Kung Pao WingsHead over to China and be inspired –culturally and gastronomically – in an instant. Enjoy munching on some Kung Pao Wings and experience the richness of China one bite after another. TGIFriday’s Kung Pao Wings is cooked with their own version of chili blended sauce, garnished with fresh cilantro and tossed with nuts for that ultimate crunch.

Italy - Garlic Parmesan Wings

Momentarily say goodbye to Asia and journey on a baroque gastronomic adventure only Italy can offer. For the cheese lovers, TGIFriday’s Garlic Parmesan Wings is your best bet satisfying a craving. Perfectly cooked wings with creamy parmesan, topped with fresh thyme and served with cool ranch dressing is what’ll greet you every single time.

Indulge on a Wing’s World Tour and catch this delicious trend only at TGIFriday’s. Available nationwide until May 2016. Every order is good for sharing.

To know more about TGIFriday’s, browse their website at
Official Facebook page: TGI Fridays Philippines

Twitter/Instagram: @tgifridaysph

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