Lispher Inn: Comfort Eating At Its Best

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao

Something old, something new – nah, it’s not about anybody’s wedding. This statement, even as a local, is how I always see Davao. With its vast land area, I always am in awe of the things and places I discover. Of course, of the people I meet and share experieneces with. In Davao, you’d truly never know what to expect.

An institution in itself, Lispher Inn has since been one of Davao’s many hidden gems. It’s quaint facade is an indicator of how they value their heritage – but one that would not intimidate you in any way. Once you step inside, you’d be transported into an era-esque interior that is, at the same time, very pleasant and welcoming. Something that most hotels lack.

Used to be a residence, it has since been transformed into a hotel that caters to travelers who seek serenity in the city minus the chaos. Foremost, it’s location is a factor. Located at the metropolis’ south area, it’s surrounded with a number of establishments (that includes a number of malls, restaurants and cafes), an IT park and a school. Hence, it’s location is perfect for any of your exploration endeavor.

Here’s the thing, when you are in the vicinity and is hungry, why not head to Lispher Inn’s restaurant/cafe for a gastronomical fix that you’d surely love to repeat. Avenida, their in-house restaurant/cafe, is a treasure chest in its own. It’s simple – yes – but the food that they serve is something you’d not find any where else.

Their menu is not as complicated as you’d expect it to be. Just like the interiors of Avenida, it’s downright basic and straight to the point. What they offer is an array of personal favorites (as Paul Borromeo, owner and proprietor, stated) cooked according to how they (the owners) love them. To wit, these are dishes that they themselves have grown up with. Dishes and recipes passed on, perfected through time and now, served to others to enjoy.


What are they known for? Many rave of their rice toppings. Of which, their Beef Misono is a favorite – chunks of juicy beef over perfectly steamed rice topped with a hefty dollop of creamy, buttery sauce. Nothing fancy. Just a plain dish that will have you cleaning your bowl in an instant. What makes this worthy of all the calories is that the beef chunks are fork and bite juicy. Not at all dry. The addition of the sauce, that which enables the beef to suck in the flavours, plays well with the palate. Try the beef with or without the sauce and experience the difference.


Aside from the rice toppings, they also have an array of dishes that will satisfy your every craving. Of which, their plate of Sizzling Seafood is a must try. Bite size pieces of seafood goodness, mixed with diced vegetables and topped with rich sauce is what this dish is all about. It’s very pungent (in a good way) and has that lasting but not umay taste on the palate. In addition, you can always ask for seconds with the sauce.


Another must try is their Fried Bangus Belly with KangKong. Although fried, the bangus is still juicy and bursting with sweetness. Same goes for the belly. Take a forkful of the fish and the blanched greens, with or without the sauce, and you’d fall in love with the bangus all over again. The simplicity of this dish is what makes this a must-try.


For the veggie lover in you, try their Curried Vegetables. Imagine a plateful of blanched vegetables topped with curried sauce cooked and tweaked to suit the Filipino palate. Though cooked with curry, the pairing creates a texure that allows you to taste the veggies and savour the curry without overpowering each other.

Lispher In also offers a festive Mongolian Buffet every Mondays and Fridays for only Php165.00. The next time you crave for asian flavours, go ahead and make Lispher Inn your destination.

Lispher Inn is located at #13 Juna Avenue, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City
For bookings and reservations, you may call them at 082 299 1610 or 0922 832 9134


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