Exploring #Deq at SagingRepablik

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao. 

Al-fresco dining elevated into greater heights. You are literally on top of everyone else. As far as #Deq at SagingRepablik is concerned, that is. It’s a loft — or a deck — converted into a place best for creating memories. It’s open yet confided thus allowing you to talk without shouting. What’s more, they serve some really good food that will have you craving in an instant. That’s a proper night cap right there.

The place is rustic – I love it. I love the vintage feel you get when you step inside this lofty dining area. I love that it’s open – allowing you to inhale fresh air and enough of circulated air for the today. The design is just so invigorating that it seems that time does not exist. Not to mention, the live band that serenades the guests. Now, that’s something to always look forward to.

Food wise, I love everything on their menu. I love that #Deq is a Filipino restaurant and serves their banana’s in many different and appetising ways. From the typical fritters to banana’s infused in dishes, they have since transformed and reintroduced the banana to our palates in ways we can imagine. And yes, I’m a self-confessed banana lover.

They have an extensive menu. When I say extensive, it means a couple of pages of menu. It’s a good thing, yes, to have choices and after the third page, you’d end up with more orders than planned.

Indeed a hunt — but a hunt that will have you craving with every page turned.

12755183_10154475704619528_1076998477_oOf their many selections, we ended with a table full of delectable and aromatic dishes that seems to lure us in altogether. From beef to chicken to fish, we had a piece of something on our table. Not to mention, we started with some crispy banana chips with garlic-mayo dip (love the flavour combo!) and their very spicy but indulging cheese dynamite (I ended up giving this appetizer a standing ovation – was too hot for my palate that it made me stand in a snap #realtalk).


First up was their Beef Tenderloin Salpicao. I must say, this dish is very delicious. I love that the smell alone excites you – all the more when you take a bite. Each piece was juicy and was literally bursting with flavours. Dip the beef into the sauce then take a bite – you’d thank me later.


Since I cannot eat anything with pork, we opted for a chicken dish – Chicken Overload Baked in Olive Oil – which literally proved to be another hit that night. Fork tender, the quartered chicken thigh was very light and juicy. Have a forkful of everything and you’d greatly appreciate the food combo.


Pasta that night was Seafood Arabiatta. – I adored that it had a kick of chili. The tomato based pasta was well balanced – every bite allows you to savor the flavours of the ingredients without overpowering one another.


This is a revelation… their Relyenong Bangus is served minced style. One thing is for sure, you’d not have to trouble yourself from removing the bones. What I love about this is that the whole dish does not have a fishy after taste and every bite allows you to savor the ingredients they used. With or without rice, this is a dish that I’d recommend.

Not only do they have dishes on their menu; they also have a number of drinks on their repertoire for you to choose from. Go and splurge on a night out and order some of their mixed drinks with catchy names. Or settle on their selection of fresh juices. Whatever your cup of tea may be, you’d surely have a fulfilling time.

#Deq @sagingrepablik is located at:
Tionko Ave. Corner V. Mapa Street, 8105 Davao City, Philippines
They are open everyday 5:00pm to 2:00am
You may also call them at (082) 285 9648
Email: sagingrepablik@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sagingrepablik

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