Language of Love? Sweets!

Disclaimer: This is the full feature from my The Royal Chef column on Edge Davao

Aside from having the excuse to paint the town red and be all cheesy and pabebe, what’s the other best thing about February? Munching on sweets after sweets! Yes, though every day you can, it’s not as exciting as when you do it during the love month. Why? Well, it’s the love month…need any other reason?

We are all in love…always in love. With or without a significant other, we are always in love.

Life — the very reason why we are always in love. Sometimes, we take it for granted. Mistake being in love by being with another. However, as you live your life, remember that you are in love. To always be in love and is always in love.

This Valentine’s day, let’s add more red to the already festive and lovely holiday. So, how do we do that? Here’s a proper valentine’s treat — say it with sweet baked goodies. Easy peasy, right? Why not make it personal and ask your pastry chefs to create one specially for you? Or you can always browse the internet (hint hint Pinterest) for that awesome designs that will have you drooling in an instant.

For the non-bakers (like me), you can still be as sweet with some sweet treats from your favorite pastry chefs. To help me in my quest for the perfect valentine’s day sweet treats hunting, one of my good friend, Chef Llerma of Green Rocks Pastries, created some edible gifts that you can share or hoard for own happiness.

Sugar Cookies


Sugar cookies will always have a special place in my heart. For a non-baker like me, this is the next best thing. It’s easy to bake and very versatile. Often, I end up with an assortment of shaped and colored cookies every single time. Not to mention, you can add and mix and match flavours for that added personal touch.

This valentine’s, go ahead and play around with reds, pinks and whites on your cookies. Chef Llerma opted to play with these sweet bites by making them into lollies. Sweet, right? Now, even the kids can have a bite – or two – with you.

Cakes in a jar


Who doesn’t want these? I mean, it’s literally a cake – not boxed – but jarred. I’ve done some cheesecakes in a jar and floats but have not done any baking in a jar. Make your jarred cakes extra special by making it as festive as you can. Customise the flavours and of course, the toppings for a more personal feel.

Here, the possibility is endless. Make mini versions of favorites or experiment. Just make sure that you bake ’em well.


TRC 1I’m a cake lover but I love my cuppies even more. I even have this secret cupcake recipe that I play with every time I miss baking. And yes, I play around with the flavours and toppings. The most unconventional I have baked? Calamansi flavoured cuppies that my friends loved.

This holiday, go the extra mile and bake some cuppies that translates your love. Make it colorful but don’t let the flavour go another direction. Experiment with fresh fruits and nuts and of course, chocolates!

With overflowing love, I would like to greet my Daddy and Mama a happiest 32nd wedding anniversary. I owe you everything and to you both I give everything that I am, have and will have. I love you mwahmwah

Green Rocks Pastries
Door A, JBI Building, almond Drive, Ecoland, Phase 7, Davao City
Opens Mondays to Saturdays 9:00am – 7:00pm
For orders and Inquiries:
Instagram: greenrockspastries

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