Crazy for Activated Charcoal

I have a sensitive skin. That’s a fact that I live by. . . every single day. As much as I would want to use drugstore products and high end ones, I need to exude extra caution before applying anything on my face. Be it makeup or skin care products, I need to know whether or not I can apply them 2 nights in a row.

Yes, it takes me literally 2 nights to conclude whether a product is for me or not. Hence, I abstain myself from buying more than the trial pack. (enter sad face)

When I first heard of this activated charcoal mudpack, I was hesitant. Not because of anything but because of my skin or how my skin would react after application. Despite the hesitation, I went on and tried it.

The verdict? I’ve been using RJ’s activated charcoal mud pack for months now. It may not be as often as every day but I apply the same more than thrice in a week. Usually at night, while I’m reading a book or listening to some 30 seconds to mars or one direction on my phone (yes, I’m a shipper and I love #rainbowedunicorns), I wait on my mud pack to dry and enjoy a smoother skin feel.

Yes, it’s so good, you’d get hooked after the first application. Why is that? Because you’d automatically see the results. You’d see the glow and feel the smoothness. You’d feel a lighter skin and somewhat your skin is breathing easier than before. It’s so relaxing even after you’d wash it off.

I often tell people ‘uling lang yan‘ whenever they compliment my skin. And I always get that questioning stare. Then I tell them about my not-so-secret-regimen anymore. As much as I would want to be selfish, I also want them to experience the same with RJ’s Activated Charcoal Mud Pack.

One other important reason why I love their products is the fact that every raw materials used are locally produced and 100% organic.  Now, that’s proudly Pinoy right there…or should I say, Proudly Dabaw!

And yes, very affordable! I am so not kidding with this. It’s super budget friendly you’d want to stock up in an instant.

Aside from the activated charcoal mudpack, I also use their Activated Charcoal Soap twice a day. I used to apply a certain dermatological soap that minimises the redness on my skin ( I easily blush and flush) every day to avoid any possible dry patches on my skin and of course, redness especially due to the temperature. I cannot go on my day without it in the morning and at night before going to sleep.

When I started using their soap, I used it only after rinsing the mudpack. Then I gave it a try and used it in the morning and at night…taking my derma soap off my regimen. The first time was like me waiting for my face to turn all red. But nothing happened. My face remained naturally glowing all day long. Yes, no make up or any face coverage creams at that.

Now, I’m using the soap for my face and body.

To complete the regimen, I apply their Hydra Cream Face & Body Moisturizer to seal the deal. It’s not heavy on the face hence it feels so natural. Also their Sunscreen Cream with SPF 30 for that everyday sun protection.

Pardon me. This is my panda-eaque face every time I apply some activated charcoal mudpack on my face. 

If you want to get to know the product and its many benefits to the skin, browse and add them up on Facebook. Just search for RJ SkinCare Davao City for more details.



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