INSTAX Soul Connection

Old soul… a favorite word combo that further ignites my antiquated view of the world and of the life that I have. Don’t get me wrong, I am a person of the now more so,of the past and the future. Personally, I see an underlying connection that enables us to spatially live between and amongst time that, again, allows us to live life to its ultimate fullest. Cool, right?

When everyone went gaga over smartphones and digital whathaveyou’s, I got hooked on to some polaroids and instax. I was never a techie (although I work for one) and I have always loved the feel of films, it was a no-brainer that I’ll soon fall in love with instax. 

First of all, mine was a gift. My aunt, who knew of my love for photographs, gave me my first and only instax some years back. It was when there was no film of sort were available in Davao. I had to buy my stash of films from Manila for me to enjoy shooting my family and friends without edits and second takes. Was it all worth the wait? It was…and will always be worth it! 

Nowadays, I love that everyone seems to have fallen in love with going instant with instax. I love the many colors of the camera and the designs on the films. More so, the many other accessories available to spice them up. 

Why do I love my instax? Well, I love that it captures us in our rarest no-fuss and sometimes no-make up state. I love that you need not wait to have the image printed. I love that an ordinary day turns out bright and bubbly with an instax..or should I say, in an instax. 

Yes, it’s a bit bulky but the extra space makes more for the unlimited smiles and laughters whenever it’s pulled out from the bag. More so, the films themselves are just so adorable. Mind you, my love for instax brought me back my hibernating love for scrapbooking. Now, I have a box filled with colors, ribbons, beads and all that there is for a fun scrapbooking time. Of course, with my Fujifilm instant camera mini 7. 

Personally, I’m not good at taking photographs. I’m more of a point and shoot person hence I love my instax because I am able to capture everything — and everyone — in their rarest forms. More so, I love that there are no second takes… ❤️

Thank you instax for making my life brighter with every click❤️ 

Photo taken by my mentor and One of Davao’s best photographers, Jojie Alcantara. 


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