Sparkle with May Sparkling Juice

For someone who sways away from alcoholic drinks, I am always looking for something to drink and be festive with minus the alcoholic content. No offense, it’s just that I flush easily when I come in contact with alcoholic drinks.

My best friend? Sparkling juices and wines.
I love that I am able to enjoy choosing between reds and whites — much like drinking a regular wine, that is. More so, use my wine glasses without having to worry about my face turning red. But most of all, I am thankful that I can enjoy a cheese plate with fruits and crackers with my friends even on a work night. See, it’s not so foreign of an experience after all.

Sparkling wines and juices are great. It feels like a proper drink but it’s not with alcohol. It looks like you are drinking champagne minus the expense. Each sip is also very refreshing and creates a feast inside your mouth. I love that it’s bubbly and triggers a happy button once gulped.

However, one major setback that took me more than one bottle to figure out is that some wines and juices are not that good and gives off a cheap taste.

Well, if you don’t have a limited budget then you will certainly have an array of choices that’ll give you more than just a smile. However, if you are, then worry not, there are also available choices that’ll make you smile from ear to ear.

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One brand that I love is the May Sparkling Juice in red and white. A most delightful drink, it’s something that I keep whenever I am expecting guests .. or during night’s when I just want to sit back and relax. Plus, again, it’s non-alcoholic. . . need I say more?

Usually, I have a glass (of red or white) and some nibbles of properly aged cheese. My typical tray is composed of sliced red apples, grapes, crackers and Camembert cheese (baked with garlic and herbs). On any other day, I have an assortment of cheeses, apples and chocolates.

If I’m with friends, I experiment. Yes, I mix and match flavours and some parts of fresh fruits for that fruity punch unlike any other. The versatility of these sparkling juices or wines are truly amazing. You’ll surely never run out of ideas.

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My foolproof favorite mix? I love me some red and white sparkling juice mix with lemon juice and sliced lemon. I also love to add some Welch’s grape fruit juice (it’s so rich and very healthy and something that is always present at home!) and my personal favorite, Mott’s apple juice, for that fruity, sparkly taste.

With either red or white, you’d surely have a good time. I say, mix! Don’t be afraid to experiment with what you think you’ll like. Go for iced teas, fruit juices or fresh fruits. You’ll never know what you’ll end up with.


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