Hashy’s Asian Cuisine: Cotabato Asian Indulgence

It’s quaint, well-decorated and you’d surely know that the owner loves her tea, teacups and saucers. It’s small, yes, but despite the limited space is a chestful of delicious Asian dishes cooked to satisfy your every craving.

Since it opened, it has been one of the most talked about dining places in Cotabato City. Generally flocked by people who seeks to satisfy a craving, the resto itself has since been embraced warmly and with gusto. Not to mention, Hasna, the owner, also has her hands full by doing the food prep herself and cooking for your customers. Now, that’s what you call passion and dedication to your craft.

Their menu is down right Asian. Well, for starters, it’s not intimidating at all and easy to understand. What their menu holds is a collection of dishes that Hasna herself loves to eat and of course, cook. It’s packed with meat, fish and appetizers that’ll have you smiling in an instant. Not to mention, they also offer packages best for groups or family dining. Oh and they too have a medley of sweet and cold offerings.

Aside from their dishes, their staff are all but friendly and accommodating. They will not only make your dining one to remember but more so, make your stay something you’ll never forget. So, when in town, don’t hesitate and drop by Hashy’s Asian Cuisine…oh and don’t forget to bring your appetite with you.

Of their loot, here are my top must try dishes for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Aside from their food, order a cup of brewed (native) coffee too. Cheers and happy eating.

Crab Rice trcCrab Rice. It’s a bowl-full of savory fried rice topped with crab. Yes, in Cotabato, a meal won’t be complete without a crab – or two. On its own, it’s a delicious munch but also pairs well with their many other dishes. One thing though, I would love it even more if they added more spices and herbs to this. And some kick of chillies too. Nonetheless, this is a must try on any given day.

Hashy's Kare-Kare2 trcKare-Kare. Everyone knows I have a knack for kare-kare. Personally, I love it when the meat is cooked fork-tender with crunchy veggies and a kick of peanut in every bite. Not to mention, although I’m allergic, the bagoong must not overpower the dish itself – instead, enhance the taste.

Their Kare-Kare is one dish I’d surely love to order again and recommend to fellow foodies. It’s very tender and the veggies are not overly cooked. What’s more, the peanut sauce is rich, creamy and savory all in one. But what stuck me that most is the bagoong that came with it. It’s garlicky and rich in oil. Very aromatic and of course, a perfect pair to the kare-kare.

Hashy's Fried hito trcFried Hito. Always a favorite of my Dad, he was very pleased with this one. Theirs is fried on the outside and rich and flaky on the inside. More so, they serve their hito with bits and pieces of sauteed crunchy veggies. According to my Dad, he said he loved the dish.

Garlic Chicken. An all-time favorite, their garlic chicken has a garlic bite that your palate will truly appreciate. It’s crunchy and very juicy. The coating is not that thick thus allowing you to taste the chicken and the garlic in one bite. With or without a condiment, this dish is perfect.

Hashy’s Asian Cuisine is located at Fiesta Mall (MC Square) fronting Notre Dame Hospital,
Sinsuat Avenue, Cotabato City.

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