The Naked Truth: What’s inside my makeup bag? 

Let me be the first to tell you that I am one of those who has a rotating makeup bag. Well, for one, the contents vary from time to time …mostly depending on my mood. Relatable, right? Second, depending on what products are making me happy.

Yes, my makeup bag depends on what makes me happy and not what’s trending. For the most part, yes. But I won’t shy away from buying anything I see. That’s just how I am.

Am I brand conscious? With my overly sensitive and mixed skin type, I say yes. But that does not stop me from buying what I find cute and nice once in a while.

On the brands I like…I swear by clinique and max factor. I don’t know why but I just love them. My skin seems to agree with me on this. However, I have also dabbled on some maybelline and revlon once in a while. And some laura mercier and tarte too. Because we have a very limited makeup selection, I tend to buy what’s available. Hence when I find something I like and know that it’s not readily available here, I hoard.

On the colors I love…I’m a self-confessed dark lippie girl. I love dark shades of plums, reds and browns. Still, I have in my hoarded collection a couple of reds, pinks and nudes to mix and match whenever I am in the mood. Yes, with the many tubes I have (stored and kept in the fridge!), I combine colours for a new shade every single time.

On my latest love…Presently, what you see inside my makeup bag is what’s making me happy. I have been loving them since the start of january… Let’s see if I keep them inside my bag until the new month rolls in.

  • Maybelline Dream Satin skin two way cake spf 32
  • Love&Beauty by f21 ultimate lip palette
  • BYS lip liner in mocha
  • Clinique chubby stick in curvy candy
  • Clinique lash powder mascara  in black onyx
  • Clinique cream shaper for eyes
  • Maybelline fashion brow 24hr color matcher in yellow brown
  • Revlon matte lipstick in wine not 010
  • Chapstick classic peppermint



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