Fresh Roast of Great (FROG) Kaffee and Roastery Opens in Davao!

When in Davao, you can’t go more than a full circle before you stumble upon a coffee shop. With our clamour and craving for a good cup, it’s no wonder that we are surrounded by a number of coffee shops that promises to give us an extraordinary coffee experience. However, despite the growing number, we still want something new… something that’ll elevate our coffee experience to a whole new level.

Fresh Roast Of Great Kaffe or FROG Kaffee and Roastery is the next best thing to a Davao coffee experience. With its GRAND OPENING, we are now one step closer to tasting a cup of smooth roasted coffee any time of any day. Not to mention, theirs is a cafe that boasts of an interior that’ll instantly transport you to the steps of a bourgeois coffee shop in Europe. Now, that’s something we don’t get to see on a daily basis.

Driven with utmost passion and dedication to their craft, power tandem Markus Ableitinger and fiancée Gina Ellorango are all about cleanliness and maintaining the taste of coffee for everyone to enjoy. What they offer is an “absolute fresh coffee” that will make you appreciate your coffee even more.

FROG Kaffee is an exemplary cafe that offers the highest quality of coffee and food pairings that goes well with any cup they serve. Be it sweet or savory, you are sure of a gastronomic indulgence with every dish they serve. Here, you need not hold back – go ahead and explore a smorgasboard of flavours – and find a new favorite every time you visit.

With high-quality coffee beans that they roast themselves, educated baristas that have undergone rigorous training and their focus on coffee making, you can guarantee a perfect cup every single time. With their in-house high quality American roasting equipments, they are able to produce the freshest beans with the most unique of flavours that’ll have you excited in an instant.

So, if you want to elevate your coffee experience, go ahead and visit FROG Kaffee and Roastery.
FROG Kaffee is a member of Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and adhere 100 % to the organization’s stated values and principles.

Fresh Roast Of Great Kaffe and Roastery is located at F. Torres Street, Prime Square II (fronting Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant), Davao City.

Congratulations, FROG Kaffee and Roastery!


frog 2015 member of specialty coffee association of america


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