7 Easy Kid-Friendly Xmas Nibbles

Disclaimer: Photo not mine (all from Google) — but the recipes are. 🙂 

Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner. For most of us, this means a plethora of parties and time inside the kitchen. On the other hand, stress on what to cook and prepare especially for your most picky eaters.

Do you want to prepare something special for your little ones on Christmas morning? Here are some delicious kid-friendly recipes and cute holiday suggestions that you can whip for your picky eaters come Christmas day.

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#1 Face Pancakes

All year and all day treat, pancakes are the easiest to prepare and make any time of the day. Make this extra special by using wholemeal flour or adding some nuts, chocolate chips or fresh fruits to brighten up the yuletide morning. Don’t forget the maple syrup and butter!

Another TIP: Escalate your pancakes and make it oozing with cheesy goodness. Create a pattern or buy some cake or cookie molds with faces. Pour your favorite pancake batter and see it cook right in front of your eyes. Don’t forget to add the cheese on your batter… or chocolate for that added flare in the morning!

#2 Smiley Sandwich

All you need is some bread slices, mushrooms for the eyes, tomato for the nose and a line of scrambled eggs for the mouth and you are all set! You can make this ahead of time or you can have the kids help you for a more joyous feel!

#3 Funky Chunky Fruit Kebabs

Healthy breakfast foods at their best using grapes, berries, little pieces of melon, pineapple chunks and other bite sized pieces on sticks. Best part? You get to dip them in any sweet sauce of your liking. Mine is a bowl of yoghurt and honey with some toasted chopped nuts. What’s yours?

#4 Fruity Mess

Wanna go healthy on Christmas morning? Grab a bowl, add some unflavored yoghurt, crushed cookies or biscuits, fresh fruits and some honey or maple syrup. Chill before serving and you have yourself some healthy breakfast you can munch on all day long. You can also add some cereals and nuts.

#5 Sunshine Smoothie

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” than a glass of freshly made smoothie in the morning. Grab some fresh fruits, yogurt or milk or freshly squeezed orange juice and blend! The best thing about this? You can mix and match your favorites to create a signature smoothie.

#6 Honey-Caramel Popcorn

This is one of the easiest treats to whip that’ll always put a smile on anyone’s face. All you need is popped corn (microwave or stove top), honey, caster sugar and butter. Once its popped, you can add whatever flavor and color you want. You can add bits and pieces of chocolates, nuts and even fruits.

#7 Little Rocky Roads

Make these little sweet treats perfect for a sit down session with your picky eaters or while on a mall spree. All you need is melted chocolate, hazelnuts (or any nuts) and of course, mini marshmallows. Mix, drop in spoonful and bake! You can also add some dried fruit pieces and specks of colors. Wrap ‘em up in water cellophanes or foil and you have your perfect nibble and gift!

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