1..2..3..4..PHAT FIVE

Steaks and seafood nibbles aren’t always found in the same sentence…at the same time. Most often, it’s the budget that hinders the two to meet in the dining table. Other times, the unavailability. Whatever the reason may be, steaks and seafood nibbles will always remain a favorite – a personal all time favorite, that is.

For me, for as long as I’m satisfied, I’m good. This is what PHAT FIVE is. It’s one of those restos that’ll urge you to be hungry even without being hungry. Why? Their food is always spot on delicious – tender, juicy and succulent up until the last bite. Guaranteed a most memorable gastronomic experience for you and your tummy…and friends too.

Their menu has its own story to tell. It’s packed with dishes that are prepared and cooked for your very liking. Seldom do you chance upon a restaurant that serves what you have in mind, right? Here, you’ll never have to worry.

At Phat Five, not only would you have a love affair with their food, you’d most certainly love the positive vibe and their music scene. Every so often, they feature local bands to the delight of the crowds hence making your #PhatFive experience one to remember.

Let’s talk food. Here’s something for the hungry you. When deciding on a restaurant to visit, make Phat Five your first – and only option. Enjoy! Kudos to the chef – dishes were all superb!

Ribe Eye. Whatever your preference – rare, medium or well done – Phat Five will make sure that you won’t need a saw to enjoy your steak. Their steak is tender, juicy and very savory. It’s not overly flavoured thus still enabling you to taste the meat and its juices. Best of all, they have an array of sauces to make your steak experience different every time you dine.

Creamy Cheese Chicken. For the chicken, cream and chesse lover, this is for you. It’s creamy and super cheesy and very juicy too. The chicken is not dry and as such, will make you savor the sauce in every bite. What’s more, you can have it as a meal or an appetizer for those late night nibbles with your friends. This is a must try!

Brocolli with Crabmeat. This is a personal favorite! The crunchy medley of greens and oranges and whites on the plate is enough to tell you that you’d be in for a treat. The delight does not begin and end with your eyes – you’d most certainly love every bite of it. Cooked just right, the vegetables are sweet and very delectable. You’d also love the crab taste as you pop one floweret after another.

Bistek Tagalog. Another personal favorite! Marinated slices of tender beef will have you saying goodbye to your diet in an instant. What I personally love about this is that the meat is not tough and the white onion verily complements the whole dish. On any given day, you should try this.

Sisig. A foremost crowd favorite, many Phat Five patrons rave about the taste and texture of their sisig. Perfect for an all nighter, their sisig rich, savory and crunchy. Yes, what they have is a different take on the sisig – that you’d surely love in an instant.

Phat Five Bar & Grill is lo cated at Talisay, Ecoland Drive, Matina, Davao City (near Civil Service XI).
For inquiries and reservations, you can call them at 0932 428 9195.
For promos and events, view, browse and like their Facebook:

Happiest birthday to BabuLaya, Daddy Cho and Papa Thoy – we miss you! To the chikitings, Bai Satria and Datu Hassan – lovelove from ate Ebai! To my Daddy on the 23rd, happiest birthday, Daddy. Iloveyou and Mama.

Make #TheRoyalChef your Thursday habit. Tag me on instagram @theroyalchefleebai for your delicious food finds!








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